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09-23 Bomb kills 35 as they shop for Ramadan Baghdad
2. 09-23 Probe into 'Bin Laden death' leak Paris
D. 09-23 N. Korea speeds up nuclear bomb plan North Korea
4. 09-23 Banker 'favored as next PM' Thailand
F. 09-23 WWF helicopter vanishes Nepal
6. 09-23 Protesters flock to Budapest rally Hungary
H. 09-23 Casey and Garcia inspire Europeans Ireland


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Morning News

Sep.23   Baghdad   Bomb kills 35 as they shop for Ramadan
  The leader of the Ansar al-Sunna network, aligned with al Qaeda, had been arrested

  Paris     Probe into 'Bin Laden death' leak
  Chirac has ordered an inquiry into the leak of a French secret service memo claiming that Osama had died

  North Korea   N. Korea speeds up nuclear bomb plan  A senior North Korean official: N. Korea plans to unload fuel rods from its nuclear reactor

  Thailand Banker 'favored as next PM'  Former central bank Governor Chatumongol Sonakul is favored to become the interim civilian leader

Day News

  Nepal     WWF helicopter vanishes  A helicopter carrying 24 people, including conservationists from the US, Canada and Australia, has gone missing

  Hungary Protesters flock to Budapest rally  Large crowds have gathered for the biggest demonstration yet in a week of protests against the government

  Ireland Casey and Garcia inspire Europeans  Europe surged into a 10-6 lead over the U.S. and need only 4 points from Sunday's singles to retain the Cup

Evening News

  Venezuela Chavez minister in spat with US  Venezuela has accused US of stopping its foreign minister Maduro, and stripping him of his travel documents

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