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Politics Main Event: Magnetic train crashes
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09-22 Magnetic train crashes Lathen, West Germany
2. 09-22 Hezbollah leader reappears at victory rally Beirut
3. 09-22 Hamas rebuffs Abbas on Israel Gaza
4. 09-22 Pope invites Muslim envoys to meeting Vatican
F. 09-22 Bird flu kills boy Indonesia
6. 09-22 Japan launches Sun 'microscope' Japan
H. 09-22 Four dozen bodies found Baghdad
I. 09-22 Remains of soldier killed in WWI identified France
9. 09-22 Louis Farrakhan reveals illness USA


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Morning News

Sep.22   West Germany   Magnetic train crashes Map of Lathen Germany
  An elevated train has crashed on a test track, killing 23

  Beirut     Hezbollah leader reappears at victory rally
  Thousands of Hezbollah supporters gathered in a 'victory rally' in the southern Beirut suburbs

  Gaza     Hamas rebuffs Abbas on Israel  Prime Minister Haniya: The ruling Hamas party will not join any unity government that recognizes Israel

  Vatican Pope invites Muslim envoys to meeting  Benedict XVI has invited ambassadors from Muslim nations to meet him to calm anger over his use of a medieval text

  Indonesia Bird flu kills boy  Bird flu death toll climbed to 50 after tests showed an 11-year-old died of the disease

Day News

  Japan Japan launches Sun 'microscope'  Solar-B mission has just been launched from the Uchinoura spaceport; it will investigate solar flares

  Baghdad Four dozen bodies found  4 dozen bodies, including 4 women, were found throughout the Iraqi capital during the 24 hours

  France Remains of soldier killed in WWI identified  Pentagon group charged with finding and identifying U.S. war dead identified Army Pvt. Francis Lupo, of Cincinnati

Evening News

  USA Louis Farrakhan reveals illness  In an open letter to members, the 73-year-old leader of the Nation of Islam says he is seriously ill

  Zimbabwe Mugabe boots U.S. unionists  Zimbabwe denied entry to a delegation of trade unionists, barred by Robert Mugabe's government

  UN Rice: Time running out for Darfur  US Secretary of State has accused Sudan of failing in its responsibility to protect its own citizens

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