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Crime Main Event: S. Africa drops Zuma graft...
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09-20 S. Africa drops Zuma graft charges South Africa
C. 09-20 Shinzo Abe chosen to lead LDP Japan
D. 09-20 Coup leader vows new PM in weeks Thailand
E. 09-20 Pope says he was 'misunderstood' Vatican
5. 09-20 Saddam Hussein ejected from trial Baghdad
G. 09-20 King gives blessing to coup Thailand
H. 09-20 United States condemns Thai coup Washington
8. 09-20 State sues car firms on climate California
J. 09-20 Quartet: Palestinians need aid UN


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Morning News

Sep.20   South Africa     S. Africa drops Zuma graft charges
  The corruption case against former South African Deputy President has been thrown out of court

  Japan     Shinzo Abe chosen to lead LDP  Tanigaki and Aso were the unsuccessful candidates. Mori stated that the faction strongly leant toward Abe

  Thailand   Coup leader vows new PM in weeks  Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin has pledged to return power to the people as soon as possible

  Vatican     Pope says he was 'misunderstood'  Pope has told pilgrims his remarks on Islam that angered Muslims around the world had been misunderstood

  Baghdad     Saddam Hussein ejected from trial  The judge in the genocide trial has ejected the ousted Iraqi leader from the courtroom for refusing to sit down

Evening News

  Thailand   King gives blessing to coup
  King Bhumibol Adulyadej endorsed the bloodless military coup that ousted the prime minister, according to a TV statement

  Washington   United States condemns Thai coup  The United States called for the restoration of democracy in its close ally as quickly as possible

  California State sues car firms on climate  California is suing 6 carmakers for costs associated with their cars' gas emissions

  UN Quartet: Palestinians need aid  The Mideast Quartet welcomes efforts to form a unity government and urged the world to address the needs

  Iraq UN: 6,600 Iraqis killed in two months  More than 8,000 were wounded, according to a report released by the U.N. Assistance Mission in Iraq

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