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War & Army Main Event: Army chief leads coup...
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1. 09-19 Tanks appear in Bangkok - reports Thailand
2. 09-19 Soldier pleads guilty to Iraqi mistreatment England
D. 09-19 PM's warning to rioters Budapest, Hungary
4. 09-19 Bomb kills 2 near police station Baghdad
09-19 Army chief leads coup while PM away Thailand
G. 09-19 Judge dismissed in Hussein trial Baghdad
H. 09-19 Bush: freedom or extremism UN Gen. Assembly
I. 09-19 Second night of Budapest violence Hungary
J. 09-19 Iranian president takes on U.S., Israel UN


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Morning News

Sep.19   Thailand   Tanks appear in Bangkok - reports  Tanks have taken up position around the government headquarters blocking traffic

  England   Soldier pleads guilty to Iraqi mistreatment  Cpl. Donald Payne pleaded guilty to one count of inhumanely treating Iraqi civilians

  Hungary PM's warning to rioters  Ferenc Gyurcsany has warned he will crack down on any repeat of violent protests in Budapest

  Baghdad Bomb kills 2 near police station  At least 2 people were killed and 24 others wounded in the city's western Amil neighborhood

Day News

  Thailand   Army chief leads coup while PM away
  The chiefs of the army, navy and air force met with King Adulyadej to declare they were taking over the country
 Army chief Gen. Boonyaratkalin announced that the military and opposition Party of Democratic Reform were taking over while Thaksin Shinawatra was at a U.N. meeting. Thaksin canceled a scheduled speech to the U.N. General Assembly. He said that his government was still in control and announced he was firing Sonthi. Tanks and troops patrolled Bangkok. Police were closing stores

  Baghdad     Judge dismissed in Hussein trial
  The had dismissed the chief judge after he said that the ex-president was not a dictator

  UN Gen. Assembly     Bush: freedom or extremism
  President challenged world leaders to do more to build democracy in the Mid. East in an address at the General Assembly

  Hungary   Second night of Budapest violence  Police and demonstrators have clashed in the capital, amid calls for Prime Minister Gyurcsany to resign

null News

  UN     Iranian president takes on U.S., Israel
  Ahmadinejad is saying the U.S permanent inclusion on the council undermines its effectiveness and credibility

Evening News

  Thailand   Military tightens grip  Martial law has been declared. Gatherings of people and critical news reporting banned

  Australia Thousands at Irwin memorial event  More than 5,000 people have attended a memorial service for the television naturalist, who was killed 2 weeks ago

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