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Politics Main Event: Budapest hit by wave of...
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B. 09-18 Car bomb attack kills 8 Somalia
C. 09-18 Al Qaeda threat over pope speech Arab Countries
3. 09-18 Pope comment 'linked to crusade' Iran
4. 09-18 Work starts on new govt Sweden
F. 09-18 Shanshan weakens to tropical storm Japan
09-18 Budapest hit by wave of violence Hungary
7. 09-18 Annan: Iraq in 'grave danger' of civil war UN
I. 09-18 Blast collapses Milan building Milan
J. 09-18 New sanctions target North Korea Japan


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Morning News

Sep.18   Somalia     Car bomb attack kills 8
  A bomb was targeting transitional president, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed. He was inside the parliament building

  Arab Countries     Al Qaeda threat over pope speech  The Mujahedeen Shura Council warned Benedict XVI on Monday that he and the West were 'doomed'

  Iran Pope comment 'linked to crusade'  Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has said recent remarks by the Pope were in line with what he called a 'crusade'

  Sweden Work starts on new govt  Center-right Reinfedlt starts work on forming a coalition government after ending 12 years of Social Democrat rule

  Japan Shanshan weakens to tropical storm  Typhoon has left 9 people dead and hundreds injured in southwestern Japan as it headed out to sea.

Day News

  Hungary   Budapest hit by wave of violence
  Thousands are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister follow an admission that the government lied

  UN     Annan: Iraq in 'grave danger' of civil war  At least 17 people were wounded when a bomber detonated an explosive vest near a line of Iraqis

  Milan   Blast collapses Milan building  An explosion ripped through a 4-story building, killing 2 people, and strewing furniture and glass over the street

Evening News

  Japan New sanctions target North Korea  Japan and Australia have announced new financial sanctions, stepping up pressure over missile tests

  Nigeria 10 generals among 12 killed in plane crash  The plane had 18 people when it crashed southern Nigeria. President Obasanjo cut short he visit to Singapore

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