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Religion Main Event: Pope 'meant no offence'...
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09-15 Pope 'meant no offence' to Islam Vatican
C. 09-15 Trenches plan to secure Baghdad Baghdad
D. 09-15 Cult leader to hang for gas attack Tokyo
4. 09-15 Merkel defends Pope amid protests Germany
F. 09-15 Protesters beat ex-minister Ivory Coast


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Morning News

Sep.15   Vatican     Pope 'meant no offence' to Islam
  The Vatican has denied that Benedict XVI intended any offence to the Muslim religion

  Baghdad Trenches plan to secure Baghdad  Iraq's interior ministry has plans to increase security by digging trenches around the city

  Tokyo Cult leader to hang for gas attack  Shoko Asahara who masterminded a poison gas attack on Tokyo subway had his appeal rejected

Evening News

  Germany     Merkel defends Pope amid protests  The German Chancello has defended Benedict XVI over remarks he made about Islam

  Ivory Coast   Protesters beat ex-minister  Protesters angry over toxic waste dumping blamed for 6 deaths beat a former transport minister

  Cuba Raul Castro lashes out at U.S. at summit  Fidel Castro's brother unleashed a stream of anti-U.S. invective as Cuba assumed leadership of the Nonaligned Movement

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