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Crime Main Event: Muslims blast pope's Islam...
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B. 09-14 Poland to boost Nato Afghan force Poland
C. 09-14 IAEA: US Iran report dishonest UN
3. 09-14 Central banker shot dead Moscow
4. 09-14 Judge says Saddam 'not dictator' Baghdad
5. 09-14 Gunman's postings obsessed with death Montreal
6. 09-14 Muslim bomber guilty of killing 17 New Delhi
H. 09-14 Builders hurt in airport roof fall Spain
09-14 Muslims blast pope's Islam speech Arab Countries
J. 09-14 Senators defy Bush on tribunals U.S. Senate


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Morning News

Sep.14   Poland     Poland to boost Nato Afghan force
  Poland will send 1,000 troops to Afghanistan next year as part of the peacekeeping force there

  UN     IAEA: US Iran report dishonest  IAEA has protested to the US government over a report on Iran's nuclear programme it called 'outrageous'

  Moscow   Central banker shot dead  The top deputy chairman of Central Bank Andrei Kozlov, 41, was being gunned down by two assailants

  Baghdad Judge says Saddam 'not dictator'  The chief judge in the trial has said the former Iraqi leader was not a dictator

  Montreal Gunman's postings obsessed with death  Kimveer Gill, 25, called himself the 'Angel of Death' in an online profile

  New Delhi Muslim bomber guilty of killing 17  An court found Mohammed Ghansar guilty of murder for his role in a string of bombings in Mumbai, 13 years ago

  Spain Builders hurt in airport roof fall  20 workers were trapped for a short time at Menorca airport when the roof of a building under construction collapsed

Day News

  Arab Countries     Muslims blast pope's Islam speech
  Muslim leaders have condemned Benedict over comments he made about Islam in Germany and demanded he apologize
 In his speech at the University of Regensburg, Benedict quoted criticism of Islam by Byzantine Emperor, who wrote that everything Mohammad brought was evil , 'such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.' Muslim Brotherhood called on Islamic countries to threaten to break off relations with the Vatican. And a top Turkey religious figure suggested the pope should reconsider a trip to Turkey.

  U.S. Senate     Senators defy Bush on tribunals
  A Senate committee is approving 15-9 legislation to set up trials for foreign terrorism suspects

  Baghdad Suicide blast kills 2 U.S. soldiers at outpost  A truck bomb hit a U.S. Army outpost, killing two American soldiers and leaving 25 wounded

  England Woods slumps to Match Play defeat  Shaun Micheel knocked Woods timeline">Tiger Woods out in the first round at Wentworth

  Detroit Ford 'wants to cut 75,000 jobs'  United Auto Workers: Ford planned to offer the workers voluntary redundancy or early retirement

  Netherlands Toxic waste ship first tried Europe  A ship that unloaded waste in Ivory Coast that killed 6 people tried to unload waste containing sulphur

Evening News

  UN Security Council Clooney: choice in Darfur, troops or death  Actor George Clooney was addressing Security Council members at an informal briefing

  Yemen Yemen says it foiled oil plots  Suicide bombers tried to strike 2 facilities with explosives-packed cars at the Dubba Port

  Japan New prince seen in public  The public have got their first glimpse of the new heir as he left hospital in the arms of Princess Kiko

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