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Crime Main Event: NATO fails on Afghan troop...
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09-13 NATO fails on Afghan troops plea NATO
2. 09-13 Bomb attacks kill 22 Baghdad
D. 09-13 Police hold union chief Zimbabwe
4. 09-13 Rape reform plans delayed Pakistan
5. 09-13 Gunman killed after college shooting Montreal
G. 09-13 Annan: Mideast view Iraq war as disaster Baghdad
H. 09-13 Real fall to Fred and Tiago double Lyon, Southern France
8. 09-13 Death of Nicole Smith's son 'suspicious' Bahamas
9. 09-13 Kenya now cocaine trafficking hub Kenya


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Morning News

Sep.13   NATO     NATO fails on Afghan troops plea
  No offers have been made by states in response to requests by commanders in Afghanistan

  Baghdad   Bomb attacks kill 22  At least 14 people were killed when a roadside bomb exploded near a police patrol

  Zimbabwe   Police hold union chief  Main trade union leader has been arrested for holding a demonstration which the government had earlier banned

  Pakistan Rape reform plans delayed  The government has delayed presenting a bill in parliament which would have reformed rape laws

Day News

  Montreal   Gunman killed after college shooting
Map of Montreal
  At least 19 students were wounded after a shooting at Dawson College in Montreal. One student later died

  Baghdad     Annan: Mideast view Iraq war as disaster  U.N. Secretary-General has said leaders of Mideast believe the war has 'been a real disaster' for the region

  Southern France Real fall to Fred and Tiago double  Lyon made a 2-0 victory over Madrid at the start of the Champions League

  Bahamas Death of Nicole Smith's son 'suspicious'  At least one other person was in the hospital room when 20-year-old Daniel Wayne Smith died

Evening News

  Kenya Kenya now cocaine trafficking hub  Traffickers from South America are taking advantage of air links to Europe and Asia

  Lebanon Hezbollah accused of war crimes  Amnesty International has accused the group of acts amounting to war crimes in the conflict with Israel

  Cuba China seizes chance at summit  China hopes to expand its growing clout at the Nonaligned Movement summit, at the cost of the United States

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