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Crime Main Event: U.S. Embassy attack foiled
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09-12 U.S. Embassy attack foiled Syria
2. 09-12 Hussein: 'We will crush your heads' Baghdad
D. 09-12 Search for Mbeki's long-lost son South Africa
E. 09-12 Iran president backs 'united' Iraq Iran
F. 09-12 US thanks Syria over embassy raid Washington
G. 09-12 UNCTAD: Palestinian economy in danger Switzerland
H. 09-12 Holders Barca hit five past Levski Barcelona
I. 09-12 Apple targets TV and film market San Francisco Bay Area
9. 09-12 Blast kills 7 in Kurdish region Diyarbakir, Turkey


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Morning News

Sep.12   Syria     U.S. Embassy attack foiled
  Syrian security forces killed 4 attackers outside the U.S. Embassy in Damascus after a car exploded

  Baghdad     Hussein: 'We will crush your heads'  A Kurdish man gave the chilling account during the trial of Hussein for Operation Anfal, the 1987-88 campaign

  South Africa Search for Mbeki's long-lost son  Kwanda Mbeki is assumed to have been killed by apartheid agents in 1981

  Iran Iran president backs 'united' Iraq  Ahmadinejad is hosting a visit from Iraq's prime minister and expressing support for his neighbor

Day News

  Washington   US thanks Syria over embassy raid  Syria said 3 attackers were killed and a 4th captured as they tried to drive 2 cars at the embassy in Damascus

  Switzerland     UNCTAD: Palestinian economy in danger  The Palestinian economy is leading to a worsening this year of already high unemployment and poverty levels

  Barcelona Holders Barca hit five past Levski  European champions Barcelona got the defense of the Champions League crown off to a dream

  San Francisco Bay Area Apple targets TV and film market  Computer firm unveiled a device which will stream music and video wirelessly between TV and computers

  Turkey Blast kills 7 in Kurdish region  A bomb blast in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir was caused by a bomb made from powerful explosives

  Southern Lebanon Israeli retreat 'making progress'  Kofi Annan: Israel has made significant progress in withdrawing its forces from southern Lebanon

  Yemen At least 51 killed in stampede  A stampede broke out in a stadium packed with thousands of people for a campaign rally for the president

Evening News

  Washington     Rice: West 'must not fail Afghanistan'  US Secretary of State warned that Afghanistan is at risk of becoming a failed state unless Nato support it

San Francisco Bay Area , September 12, 2006 Timeline