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War & Army Main Event: US remembers 9/11 fiv...
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09-11 US remembers 9/11 five years on Manhattan
C. 09-11 Divided world remembers 9/11 attacks Global
D. 09-11 Palestinian unity cabinet agreed West Bank
E. 09-11 Blair faces protests Beirut
F. 09-11 Shuttle docks with space station USA
G. 09-11 Florence cuts power to thousands Bermuda
7. 09-11 US waging 'ideological struggle' Washington
I. 09-11 Rice presses Sudan to accept U.N. Washington
9. 09-11 Wars 'robbing youths of school' Global


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Morning News

Sep.11   Manhattan   US remembers 9/11 five years on Map of Manhattan
  Four minute-long silences have been observed to mark the fifth anniversary of the attacks
 Relatives read out the names of the 2,749 who died at the site of the World Trade Center. Mayor Bloomberg spoke of the 'heart-breaking anniversary'

  Global   Divided world remembers 9/11 attacks
  Critics say United States have squandered the goodwill

  West Bank Palestinian unity cabinet agreed  Mahmoud Abbas has said a deal has been struck with the Hamas on the program of a national unity government

  Beirut Blair faces protests  Hundreds of Lebanese protested against British Prime Minister visit, accusing him of backing Israel's 34-day war

  USA Shuttle docks with space station  The Atlantis has docked with the International Space Station, completing a crucial step in its 11-day mission

Day News

  Bermuda   Florence cuts power to thousands
Map of Bermuda
  The hurricane blew out windows, peeled away the roofs of at least 3 houses

  Washington   US waging 'ideological struggle'  Bush has said the fight against terror is a struggle for civilisation, marking 5 years since the 9/11 attacks

  Washington Rice presses Sudan to accept U.N.  U.S. Secretary of State pressed Sudan's government to accept a U.N. force in the region of Darfur

  Global Wars 'robbing youths of school'  At least 43 million around the world are unable to go to primary school because of armed conflicts

Evening News

  Jerusalem Israel wary on Palestinian deal  Israel has cautiously welcomed plans for a unity government

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