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War & Army Main Event: Leftist lawmakers muz...
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B. 09-01 Up to 80 killed when jetliner catches fire Mashhad, Iran
C. 09-01 President refuses to budge Iran
3. 09-01 Annan: Syria to curb Hezbollah arms flow Syria
E. 09-01 Greece destroy U.S. title dreams Japan
5. 09-01 Sudan reportedly launches new offensive Darfur
09-01 Leftist lawmakers muzzle President Fox Mexico
H. 09-01 Hurricane nears Baja California peninsula Mexico
I. 09-01 Federer dazzles in win New York
9. 09-01 Italian troops arrive in Lebanon Lebanon


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Morning News

Sep.1   Iran   Up to 80 killed when jetliner catches fire Map of Mashhad Iran
  The Russian-made Tu-154 skidded off the runway as it landed in Mashhad and caught fire in northeastern Iran

  Iran President refuses to budge  Ahmadinejad argued for his country's pursuit of nuclear technology in an address to residents of Maku city

  Syria Annan: Syria to curb Hezbollah arms flow  U.N. Secretary-General said Friday Syria has pledged to step up border patrols and work with the Lebanese army

  Japan Greece destroy U.S. title dreams  European champions shocked odds-on favorites 101-95 to reach the final of the world basketball championship

  Darfur Sudan reportedly launches new offensive  The government has launched a major offensive against rebels in war-torn Darfur

Day News

  Mexico     Leftist lawmakers muzzle President Fox
  Vicente Fox was forced to forego the state-of-the-nation address after leftist lawmakers stormed the stage

  Mexico   Hurricane nears Baja California peninsula  Thousands of tourists and local residents are bracing for the impact of the storm John

  New York Federer dazzles in win  Twice defending champion served his way into the 3rd round with a 6-3 6-4 7-5 victory over Briton Henman

Evening News

  Lebanon Italian troops arrive in Lebanon  At least 50 Italian military personnel pulled up on the shore in small motor boats prior to the departure of 800 troops

  London 14 held in terror swoop  Anti-terrorism raids in south and east London during is a 'pre -planned intelligence-led operation'

  Cuba Latest images show lively Castro  State-controlled TV has shown new images of the President, recovering from the gastric surgery

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