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Sports Main Event: President Lula re-elected
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B. 10-29 Sultan among crash dead Abuja, Nigeria
C. 10-29 17 Iraqi police killed near Basra Basra
3. 10-29 Hayden's title as Rossi slides off Valencia, Spain
4. 10-29 'Ballboy' Federer champion at last Basel, Switzerland
5. 10-29 Sharapova climbs to No. 2 Austria
G. 10-29 '70 militants die' Southern Afghanistan
10-29 President Lula re-elected Brazil
I. 10-29 Riot police occupy Oaxaca Mexico
J. 10-29 Bomb kills 26, injures 60 Sadr City


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Morning News

Oct.29   Nigeria   Sultan among crash dead Map of Abuja Nigeria
  Boeing 737, with 104 on board, crashed near the Abuja airport shortly after takeoff and burst into flames
 The jetliner was still on fire at the edge of the runway hours after it crashed. Rescuers pulled burned remains from the smoldering fuselage

  Basra 17 Iraqi police killed near Basra  Gunmen have kidnapped and killed policemen. 15 of them were trainers instructing new recruits at a police academy

  Spain Hayden's title as Rossi slides off  In Valencia, American took advantage of a rare error by 5-time champion to claim his first MotoGP world title

  Switzerland 'Ballboy' Federer champion at last  Roger Federer made a 6-3 6-2 7-6 win over Gonzalez in the final of the ATP event in Basel

  Austria Sharapova climbs to No. 2  Maria won her fifth title of the season, beating defending champion Petrova 7-5, 6-2 in the Generali Ladies final

  Southern Afghanistan '70 militants die'  One NATO soldier killed in southern Afghanistan when fighting broke out between insurgents and Afghan troops and NATO

Day News

  Brazil   President Lula re-elected
  Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has a landslide victory in the 2nd round of presidential elections
 Voters gave another term for Lula's efforts to ease poverty while improving the economy. Lula had won 60% against Geraldo Alckmin. He was written off by many just over a year ago

  Mexico   Riot police occupy Oaxaca

Evening News

  Sadr City   Bomb kills 26, injures 60 Map of Sadr City
  A roadside bomb in eastern Baghdad ripped through a crowded marketplace in the Sadr City

  Philippines Typhoon whips northern Philippines  Cimaron, the strongest storm to hit the Philippines in 8 years, is shutting schools and public offices

San Francisco Bay Area , October 29, 2006 Timeline