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War & Army Main Event: Bush signs Mexico fen...
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10-26 Bush signs Mexico fence into law Washington
2. 10-26 'Civilians killed' in Nato raids Southern Afghanistan
3. 10-26 Five U.S. troops killed Western Iraq
E. 10-26 Germany orders troops skull probe Berlin
F. 10-26 Sudan slams envoy to Sudan UN
6. 10-26 UN initiates arms trade agreement UN
H. 10-26 Jail for al-Qaeda-linked plotter Paris
8. 10-26 Nato confirms raid deaths Southern Afghanistan
J. 10-26 St. Louis defeats Tigers 5-4 Missouri


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Morning News

Oct.26   Washington   Bush signs Mexico fence into law
  US President has authorised 700 miles of new fencing along the border, in a move to curb illegal immigration

  Southern Afghanistan   'Civilians killed' in Nato raids
  Scores of civilians have been killed during operations against Taleban in southern Afghanistan

  Western Iraq   Five U.S. troops killed  The deaths bring the U.S. military death toll in October to 96, matching the number of deaths in October of 2005

  Berlin   Germany orders troops skull probe  Germany ordered an investigation into training given to its troops stationed abroad

Day News

  UN   Sudan slams envoy to Sudan  The Sudanese ambassador lambasted the UN's chief envoy to Sudan for insulting the country's government on a Web blog

  UN   UN initiates arms trade agreement  A committee has voted overwhelmingly to begin work on drawing up a treaty to close loopholes in existing laws

  Paris Jail for al-Qaeda-linked plotter  A French court convicted a Moroccan Karim Mehdi, 37, for his role in a thwarted bomb plot on the island of La Reunion

Evening News

  Southern Afghanistan   Nato confirms raid deaths
  Nato has confirmed that at least 12 civilians were killed in an air strike it carried out in southern Afghanistan

  Missouri St. Louis defeats Tigers 5-4  Eckstein is hitting 3 doubles as St. Louis rallied from a 3-run deficit to take a 3-1 series advantage

  Mexico Mexico anger over US border fence  The officials have condemned US plans for a 700-mile fence along the two states' border, signed by Bush

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