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War & Army Main Event: Bush to rethink Iraq ...
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10-21 Bush to rethink Iraq strategy Washington
C. 10-21 Rice: No promise on new nuke blast Moscow
D. 10-21 Envoy: 'German Jews feel unsafe' Germany
E. 10-21 Rebels free oil hostages Niger Delta, Nigeria Delta
5. 10-21 Deadly clashes erupt in Suwayra Southern Iraq
6. 10-21 Museveni meets LRA rebels Uganda
H. 10-21 Neo-Nazis rally for jailed singer Berlin
I. 10-21 Cardinals rout Tigers in opener Detroit
J. 10-21 Iceland 'breaks ban on whaling' Iceland


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Morning News

Oct.21   Washington     Bush to rethink Iraq strategy  US President has said military tactics will continue to change to deal with the threat posed by insurgents

  Moscow     Rice: No promise on new nuke blast  U.S. Secretary of State said that a Chinese envoy, who met with Kim Jong Il, did not say that Pyongyang would refrain

  Germany Envoy: 'German Jews feel unsafe'  The Israeli ambassador has said he is concerned for Jews, against the background of rising anti-semitism there

  Nigeria Delta Rebels free oil hostages  All 7 foreign workers who were being held hostage in southern Niger Delta have been released and are in good health

  Southern Iraq Deadly clashes erupt in Suwayra  Police and members of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's militia fought. 8 militia members and a civilian were killed

Day News

  Uganda Museveni meets LRA rebels  President has met negotiators from the Lord's Resistance Army for the first time in an effort to revive stalled talks

  Berlin Neo-Nazis rally for jailed singer  Hundreds of neo-Nazi sympathisers outside a jail are calling for the release of Michael Regener

Evening News

  Detroit Cardinals rout Tigers in opener  St Louis drew first blood in the 102nd World Series, beating the Detroit 7-2 the opening game of the best-of-7 Fall Classic

  Iceland Iceland 'breaks ban on whaling'  Iceland has broken a 21-year-old international ban on commercial whaling by killing an endangered fin whale

  Panama Panama to vote on expanded canal  The people are due to vote in a referendum on an ambitious plan to expand the famous canal and increase traffic

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