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War & Army Main Event: India, U.S. agree to ...
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03-02 India, U.S. agree to nuclear pact New Delhi
2. 03-02 21 dead in bombings, attacks Iraq
D. 03-02 Armed raids on paper Kenya
E. 03-02 Government talks in disarray Baghdad
5. 03-02 Authorities to impose Sabbath curfew Baghdad
6. 03-02 U.S. to boost arms sales to India New Delhi
H. 03-02 IAEA hails US-India deal India
I. 03-02 Palestinians fear al Qaeda infiltration West Bank
J. 03-02 Parliamentary polls delayed Haiti


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Morning News

Mar.2   New Delhi     India, U.S. agree to nuclear pact
  India and the United States have sealed a landmark agreement during Bush's visit
  India is to open up its 14 civilian reactors to international inspectors and keep power generation separate from military program. But India will keep 8 sites for secret military purposes reached after intense negotiation. The U.S. Congress must approve the deal terms

  Iraq   21 dead in bombings, attacks  Gunmen attacked a checkpoint north of Baghdad, killing 10 Iraqi security forces, 6 Iraqi soldiers and 4 police

  Kenya   Armed raids on paper  The government has confirmed it ordered police to raid the offices of a newspaper and its sister TV station

  Baghdad Government talks in disarray  Prime Minister Jaafari has cancelled a meeting with senior political leaders, to protest against a campaign to oust him

Day News

  Baghdad     Authorities to impose Sabbath curfew
  A string of bombings and shooting assaults left at least 22 people dead and more than a dozen others wounded

  New Delhi   U.S. to boost arms sales to India  India will be able to buy more sophisticated fighter aircraft as part of a closer defense relationship

  India     IAEA hails US-India deal  Mohammed ElBaradei has welcomed a nuclear agreement between the US and India

  West Bank Palestinians fear al Qaeda infiltration  Abbas: Palestinian security forces are trying to stop infiltration by al Qaeda into Gaza and the West Bank

  Haiti Parliamentary polls delayed  Electoral council head Rosemond Pradel said it was impossible to keep to the 19 March date

Evening News

  Southern India     Bush takes in Indian cyber city Map of Hyderabad India  US President is continuing his visit to India in the southern city of Hyderabad

  Philippines Arroyo ends country emergency  President has lifted the state of emergency imposed a week ago amid an alleged coup plot

  Vietnam Glitter jailed for abusing girls  British rock ex-star gets 3 years after a court found him guilty of sexually abusing 2 young girls

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