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Disasters Main Event: China, Russia agree Ir...
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B. 06-01 Woman convicted over baby deaths Germany
C. 06-01 Iran won't negotiate 'nuclear rights' Iran
D. 06-01 Ethics lessons for US troops Haditha, Iraq
E. 06-01 3 members of one family killed Indiana
5. 06-01 Remote quake-hit areas await aid Indonesia
6. 06-01 Coma woman mix-up pains US family Indiana
06-01 China, Russia agree Iran deal China
I. 06-01 New 'massacre' tape emerges Iraq
J. 06-01 OPEC decides to maintain oil output Venezuela


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Morning News

Jun.1   Germany Woman convicted over baby deaths  Sabine Hilschenz, 40, has been found guilty of the manslaughter of 8 of her newborn babies

  Iran Iran won't negotiate 'nuclear rights'  Iran rejected a U.S. proposal to join multilateral talks as offering no 'new and rational solution' to nuclear case

  Iraq Ethics lessons for US troops  For the next 30 days, US-led troops in Iraq are to undergo ethical training in the wake of Haditha

  Indiana 3 members of one family killed  Police: The murders, including three young boys, resulted from a botched robbery

  Indonesia Remote quake-hit areas await aid  Villagers pleaded for food and shelter in areas yet to be reached by foreign relief teams

  Indiana Coma woman mix-up pains US family  A family has spent weeks caring for a crash victim only to learn their daughter died in the crash

Day News

  China     China, Russia agree Iran deal
  6 world powers agreed to incentives to coax the Islamic republic into abandoning its uranium enrichment

  Iraq New 'massacre' tape emerges  The BBC has uncovered new video that US forces may have been responsible for the killing of 11 civilians

  Venezuela OPEC decides to maintain oil output  A closed-door session solidified an earlier agreement not to adjust its output quota of 28 million barrels per day

Evening News

  USA   Hurricanes reach Cup finals Map of Buffalo USA  Brind'Amour's late goal sent made a 4-2 victory over the Buffalo Sabres in Game 7

  Beirut Hezbollah spoof sparks protests  a TV program satirizing Hezbollah leader spurred hundreds of followers to set bonfires in the streets of Beirut

  Caribbean Death boat drifts from Africa to Barbados  The bodies of the 11 young men were mummified by the sun and salt spray

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