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Crime Main Event: U.N. staff flee cartoon ri...
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02-07 U.N. staff flee cartoon riots Afghanistan
C. 02-07 Olmert outlines West Bank withdrawal Jerusalem
D. 02-07 Woman fights abortion case Poland
E. 02-07 Ivory Coast gets to final of African Cup Alexandria, Egypt
5. 02-07 Cleric sentenced to 7 years in prison England
G. 02-07 Scuffles in 'insult' trial Turkey
H. 02-07 PM described cartoons row as global crisis Denmark
I. 02-07 US presidents honour King widow Washington
J. 02-07 Paper to run 'Holocaust cartoons' Iran


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Morning News

Feb.7   Afghanistan     U.N. staff flee cartoon riots
  NATO peacekeepers rushed reinforcements to a northwest town after deadly fighting erupted during a protest

  Jerusalem Olmert outlines West Bank withdrawal  Without negotiating with Palestinians, Israel plans to withdraw, but it will retain all major Jewish settlements

  Poland Woman fights abortion case  Alicja Tysiac who was refused an abortion is taking her case to Europe's human rights court

  Egypt Ivory Coast gets to final of African Cup  The Ivory Coast made a 1-0 victory over Nigeria in Alexandria

  England Cleric sentenced to 7 years in prison  Abu Hamza al-Masri was found guilty on 11 terror-related charges, including inciting murder and racial hatred

  Turkey Scuffles in 'insult' trial  A fight between lawyers and officials has interrupted the trial of journalists accused of insulting the judiciary

Day News

  Denmark     PM described cartoons row as global crisis
  Anders Fogh Rasmussen called for Muslims to refrain from violence

  Washington   US presidents honour King widow  4 presidents were among thousands of mourners who attended the funeral of Coretta Scott King

  Iran     Paper to run 'Holocaust cartoons'  A newspaper Hamshahri is going to hold a competition to test whether the West will apply the same principles

  Nepal Disputed vote under way  Polls have opened for controversial local elections, a year after King Gyanendra seized power

  Turkey Six games at neutral venue  Turkey have been ordered by FIFA to play their next 6 home matches behind closed doors following a fracas

  Beijing China rejects U.S. threat label  Chinese foreign ministry accused the United States of trying to mislead public opinion

  Haiti Former president favored in vote  Under the close watch of thousands of police and U.N. peacekeepers, Haitians flocked to polling places

Evening News

  Western Canada Deal protects rainforest  Province of British Columbia has announced plans to protect a huge swathe of Pacific Coast rainforest

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