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Crime Main Event: Danish consulate in Beirut...
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02-05 Danish consulate in Beirut ablaze Beirut
C. 02-05 Tehran: Nuclear talks still possible Tehran
D. 02-05 Ferry 'pressed on despite fire' Egypt
E. 02-05 Woods beats Els in Dubai playoff Dubai
F. 02-05 Israel to pay frozen tax revenues Jerusalem
6. 02-05 Interior Minister quits over riot Beirut
H. 02-05 Tensions high at ferry port Egypt
8. 02-05 Lawyers 'denied access to Saddam' Baghdad
9. 02-05 Roadside bomb kills 2 Baghdad


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Morning News

Feb.5   Beirut     Danish consulate in Beirut ablaze
  Thousands of protesters rallying while some of their number torched the consulate

  Tehran   Tehran: Nuclear talks still possible Map of Tehran  Tehran said diplomacy may still resolve its apparent impasse with the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog

  Egypt   Ferry 'pressed on despite fire'  A crew member said water used to extinguish a fire aboard caused the ship to list in heavy winds

  Dubai Woods beats Els in Dubai playoff  Woods won the Dubai Desert Classic, forcing a one-hole playoff against the defending champion

  Jerusalem Israel to pay frozen tax revenues  Israel is to give the Palestinians a final monthly payment, frozen over Hamas' poll victory

Day News

  Beirut   Interior Minister quits over riot  Hassan Sabeh resigned after demonstrators set fire to Beirut's Danish embassy

  Egypt Tensions high at ferry port  Tensions are high among the families of the 1,400 passengers who were on board an ferry that sank

  Baghdad Lawyers 'denied access to Saddam'  The chief lawyer for deposed Iraqi President says he was been denied access to his client

  Baghdad Roadside bomb kills 2  A bomb targeting an Iraqi police patrol is killing 2 civilians and wounding 5 others and 2 police officers

Evening News

  Detroit   Steelers win Super Bowl over Seahawks
  Parker broke a record 75-yard touchdown run, sparking Pittsburgh's 21-10 victory over Seattle

  Costa Rica Polls: Arias wins presidential vote  Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president is likely to avoid a second round of voting in April

  Cairo Hamas leadership to meet in Cairo  Delegates from Gaza are travelling to Cairo to meet the militant group's exiled leadership

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