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War & Army Main Event: EU to fill Palestinia...
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02-27 EU to fill Palestinian funds gap European Union
2. 02-27 Curfews lifted Baghdad
D. 02-27 Saddam 'calls off hunger strike' Baghdad
4. 02-27 Court hears Balkans genocide case UN Tribunal
F. 02-27 EU gives Serbia deadline on Mladic Belgium
6. 02-27 Blast goes off at weapons factory Israel
7. 02-27 IAEA: Iran working to enrich uranium Iran
I. 02-27 Mardi Gras returns New Orleans
J. 02-27 Soccer balls, broomsticks aid jailbreak Yemen


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Morning News

Feb.27   European Union   EU to fill Palestinian funds gap
  Europe to save the Palestinian Authority from imminent financial collapse with an offer of 120m euros

  Baghdad   Curfews lifted  The traffic returned to the streets in Baghdad and its suburbs

  Baghdad Saddam 'calls off hunger strike'  The former Iraqi president has ended an 11-day strike for 'health reasons'

  UN Tribunal Court hears Balkans genocide case  In the first trial of a state charged with genocide Bosnia will accuse Serbia and Montenegro of war crimes

  Belgium EU gives Serbia deadline on Mladic  Foreign ministers threatened to freeze talks with Serbia on its EU membership bid

  Israel Blast goes off at weapons factory  An explosion went off at the entrance to a factory that makes weaponry for the Defense Ministry

Day News

  Iran     IAEA: Iran working to enrich uranium  Iran has begun enriching uranium on a very limited scale and is slowly building up enrichment activities

  New Orleans Mardi Gras returns  Tens of thousands of revellers are gathering for the climax of the first Mardi Gras since Hurricane Katrina

  Yemen Soccer balls, broomsticks aid jailbreak  23 Yemeni fugitives, including members of al Qaeda, escaped prison via tunnel

Evening News

  Thailand Protesters issue ultimatum  Campaigners hoping to oust Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra have demanded that he resign

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