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02-20 'Signs of life' heard at school Philippines
2. 02-20 Holocaust denier Irving jailed Vienna, Austria
3. 02-20 Many die in suicide bombings Baghdad
E. 02-20 Austrian Raich claims golden glory Northern Italy
5. 02-20 State to put rapists on posters Mississippi
G. 02-20 Iran: End anti-cartoon violence Iran
H. 02-20 EU and India fight bird flu spread European Union
I. 02-20 Navka, Kostomarov seized ice dance gold Italy
J. 02-20 Paper 'shut' in cartoon row Saudi Arabia


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Morning News

Feb.20   Philippines   'Signs of life' heard at school
  Sounds have been detected by rescuers using high-tech equipment at the site of a school buried by mudslide

  Austria     Holocaust denier Irving jailed Map of Vienna Austria
  British historian has been found guilty in Vienna of denying the Holocaust and sentenced to 3 years in prison

  Baghdad     Many die in suicide bombings  A bombing on a bus in Baghdad has killed at least 12 Iraqis. 11 have died in other violence, including in Mosul

  Northern Italy Austrian Raich claims golden glory  Benjamin Raich grabbed the gold medal at the Winter Olympics with a second run to win the men's giant slalom

  Mississippi State to put rapists on posters  The state of Mississippi plans to put the names and faces of convicted sex offenders on roadside billboards

  Iran Iran: End anti-cartoon violence  Foreign minister has called for an end to protests over cartoons of Prophet Mohammed

  European Union EU and India fight bird flu spread  Europe is stepping up efforts as Indian officials and farm workers cull hundreds of thousands of chickens

Day News

  Italy   Navka, Kostomarov seized ice dance gold  Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov keep alive Russia's chances of sweeping all 4 figure skating titles

  Saudi Arabia Paper 'shut' in cartoon row  Shams (Sun) has stopped publishing after printing some of the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad

  Moscow Little progress in Iran nuke talks  An Iranian delegation met Russian negotiators to discuss an offer to enrich uranium outside Iran

  UN U.N.: 11 million in Africa may starve  As many as 11 million people are threatened with starvation across east Africa because of a drought and conflict

Evening News

  Mexico   Hope fading for trapped miners  Relatives of 65 coal miners trapped underground by an explosion grew increasingly desperate

  Philippines   Dogs search for life under mudslide  Teams of search dogs from Spain are fanning out in the hope of finding signs of life buried deep under piles

  Austria Holocaust denier Irving to appeal  British historian is to appeal against the prison term imposed by an Austrian court for denying the Holocaust

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