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Politics Main Event: 10 die in cartoon clash...
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1. 02-17 Crackdown over cartoons Pakistan
C. 02-17 Hundreds feared dead in mudslide Philippines
3. 02-17 Cabinet member urges Gitmo closing England
4. 02-17 Russia: Peace process needs Hamas Moscow
F. 02-17 Veerpalu gold in historic ski race Italy
G. 02-17 Jacobellis blunder costs her gold Italy
02-17 10 die in cartoon clash at consulate Benghazi, Eastern Libya
I. 02-17 Rescue bid after 1,500 missing Leyte, Philippines
9. 02-17 Palestinians to give back US aid West Bank


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Morning News

Feb.17   Pakistan     Crackdown over cartoons  A radical Islamic leader has been detained to prevent him from leading protests against cartoons

  Philippines   Hundreds feared dead in mudslide  A mudslide buried hundreds of houses and an elementary school, killing 300 people and leaving another 1,500 missing

  England Cabinet member urges Gitmo closing  Peter Hain, a British Cabinet member, has urged the United States to close the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay

  Moscow Russia: Peace process needs Hamas  Foreign Minister Lavrov said that next month's Moscow talks were aimed at bringing Hamas into the peace process

  Italy Veerpalu gold in historic ski race  Andrus Veerpalu successfully defended his Olympic 15-kilometer classical title, giving Estonia a third gold

  Italy Jacobellis blunder costs her gold  American snatched defeat from the jaws of Olympic victory in the wild sport of snowboardcross

Day News

  Eastern Libya     10 die in cartoon clash at consulate Map of Benghazi Libya
  Police confronted protesters who had set fire to Italian consulate in the port city of Benghazi

  Philippines   Rescue bid after 1,500 missing
Map of Leyte Philippines
  The power was out and the ground still shifting after a mudslide buried a village on the island of Leyte

  West Bank Palestinians to give back US aid  The Palestinian Authority has agreed to return $50m of US aid following a request from Washington

  Italy Gibson oldest individual gold medallist  Canada's Duff Gibson, 39, makes Winter Games history when he won the men's skeleton title

  USA Ebola vaccine passes first human tests  The vaccine has shown promising signs that it may protect people from contracting the disease

Evening News

  Egypt Bird flu cases confirmed in Egypt  Tests done on dead birds had confirmed an outbreak of the deadly H5N1 strain

San Francisco Bay Area , February 17, 2006 Timeline