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Politics Main Event: Saddam in 'hunger strik...
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02-14 Saddam in 'hunger strike' protest Baghdad
2. 02-14 2 dead in cartoon rioting Islamabad, Pakistan
3. 02-14 Mass rally for Hariri anniversary Beirut
E. 02-14 Swedes complete sprinting double Italy
5. 02-14 Haiti calls for election review Haiti
6. 02-14 Israel warns Abbas about Hamas Jerusalem
H. 02-14 Luger Otto leads new German sweep Italy
I. 02-14 Man Cheney shot has heart attack Texas
J. 02-14 Food crisis looms in African Horn East Africa


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Morning News

Feb.14   Baghdad   Saddam in 'hunger strike' protest
  Deposed dictator has told a court that he and his 7 co-accused are on hunger strike in protest at their treatment

  Pakistan     2 dead in cartoon rioting Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  1,000 protesters stormed into Islamabad's diplomatic district while thousands vandalized Western businesses

  Beirut     Mass rally for Hariri anniversary  Thousands of people gathered in Beirut's Martyrs Square to celebrate slain former Lebanese Prime Minister's life

  Italy Swedes complete sprinting double  Sweden men and women triumphed in the cross-country skiing team sprint races in Pragelato

Day News

  Haiti   Haiti calls for election review
  Interim government has called for a review of the results to investigate accusations of voting fraud and irregularities

  Jerusalem     Israel warns Abbas about Hamas  Olmert warned Abbas to take action to disarm Hamas before it gains control of the Palestinian government

  Italy Luger Otto leads new German sweep  Sylke Otto became the second women's luger to win consecutive Olympic golds

  Texas Man Cheney shot has heart attack  Harry Whittington, 78, suffered a heartbeat irregularity caused by a pellet lodged in his heart

  East Africa Food crisis looms in African Horn  International Red Cross is warning of a growing humanitarian crisis caused by the drought

Evening News

  USA Poll: Americans suspect monitoring  About a 1/5 of Americans think federal agents have listened in on their phone calls

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