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State reels from deadly attacks  State Governor has said the situation is under control and has rejected a federal offer of help State's prison revolts end
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Jail riots follow attacks  Riots organised by the same criminal faction have broken out in 18 prisons in the state of Sao Paulo Gang attacks leave 52 dead
Police attacks leave 30 dead

May 2006 ... more > Top ^
  Overnight gang attacks on Brazilian police left 30 people dead and 32 wounded
  A powerful criminal gang launched a wave of attacks against police stations and uprisings in jails across the state
 The attacks began on 6 p.m. Friday. By Sunday there were at least 73 separate attacks with machine guns and grenades continued to dawn, staged in 22 detention centers The dead include 35 police and prison guards, 3 civilians, and 14 gang members. State Public Safety Department blamed the Primeiro Comando da Capital, or the First Capital Command.
  Revolts in 70 jails have come to an end, after 4 days of violence in which at least 81 people died
May.16   Police backlash lifts toll  The death toll from 4 days of gang attacks and a police backlash in the state has risen to 115 May.17   156 killed in police vs. gang violence  Police lost 41 comrades in gang attacks, and killed 22 more suspected criminals May.22   Formal probe for shooting by police  Prosecutors have begun a formal probe into the 100 deaths in a wave of violence in the state

June 2006 ... more > Top ^
Jun.17   Crowds celebrate Gay Pride
  More than a million people have taken to the streets to celebrate the city's tenth annual Gay Pride parade Jun.26   Police break up gang plot; 13 killed  Police killed 13 gang members in shootouts after authorities foiled a plot to launch new attacks against officers

July 2006 ... more > Top ^
Jul.22   Red Baron heiress killed parents
  Suzane von Richtofen, a descendant of the German World War I flying ace, has been sentenced to 39 years

October 2006 ... more > Top ^
Oct.22     Alonso secures second world title
  Fernando Alonso claimed the F1 championship for the 2nd successive year as Schumacher punctured in his final race

December 2006 ... more > Top ^
Dec.8     US pilots charged in Amazon jetliner crash
  Brazilian federal police charged 2 New York pilots involved in a collision with exposing an aircraft to danger

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