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  King wants Bush to refocus
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B. 03-01 3 arrested said to be plotting attack Jordan
C. 04-25 Jordan uncovers more Hamas weapons Jordan
06-08 U.S. airstrike kills al-Zarqawi Baquba, Iraq
E. 09-04 1 dead as gunman targets tourists Amman, Jordan
5. 11-26 King warns of civil wars Jordan
6. 11-28 King wants Bush to refocus Jordan
7. 11-29 Iraq PM in Amman for Bush talks Amman, Jordan
8. 11-29 Bush begins delayed talks on Iraq Jordan

1 dead as gunman targets tourists Map of Amman Jordan  A gunman has shot dead a British tourist in the center of Amman and wounded 5 tourists and a Jordanian police officer   2 U.N. peacekeepers killed  2 peacekeepers from Jordan were shot to death in Port-au-Prince after coming under attack by gunmen King warns of civil wars
  3 arrested said to be plotting attack  Suspected al Qaeda operatives , 2 Iraqis and a Libyan are suspected of plotting to attack vital facilities   Jordan uncovers more Hamas weapons  The security officials have discovered more weapons hidden in a village in northern Jordan   U.S. airstrike kills al-Zarqawi Map of Baquba Iraq

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  Al Qaeda in Iraq leader, the coalition's most wanted man in Iraq, was killed near Baquba
 U.S. and Iraqi officials first revealed the news to reporters. U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Bill Caldwell: two F-16s dropped two 500-pound bombs on a safe house 6 people, including and a key al-Zarqawi lieutenant, spiritual adviser Sheik Abd-al-Rahman, were killed in the strike Bush: Al-Zarqawi's death gives Iraq a chance to 'turn the tide' in the fight against the insurgency

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  Abdullah has warned that 3 civil wars could break out unless the international community takes urgent action
  Abdullah II said he will press President Bush to focus on resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
Nov.29     Iraq PM in Amman for Bush talks Map of Amman Jordan
  Nouri Maliki has arrived in Jordan's capital, Amman, for talks with US President
    Bush begins delayed talks on Iraq
  US President has begun a key summit with Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki aimed at tackling escalating violence

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Dec.7   Death sentences for U.S. warship attack
  A Jordanian court sentenced 3 Syrians and an Iraqi for last year's attack in the port of Aqaba that killed a Jordanian soldier

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