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Disasters Main Event: 16 bodies recovered fr...
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B. 06-30 Anti-Syrian Saniora appointed PM Beirut
2. 06-30 U.S. Army reaches crash site Afghanistan
D. 06-30 Bush says US to double Africa aid Washington
06-30 16 bodies recovered from crash site Afghanistan
F. 06-30 Williams ends Sharapova's defence London
G. 06-30 Hostages: Iran leader 'embassy captor' White House, Washington
7. 06-30 Indian Ocean tsunami alert deal UN
I. 06-30 Israel re-opens settlements Gaza
J. 06-30 Schroeder set for confidence vote Berlin


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Morning News

Jun.30   Beirut   Anti-Syrian Saniora appointed PM
  President Lahoud has appointed the former finance minister as prime minister

  Afghanistan     U.S. Army reaches crash site  The MH-47 Chinook, crashed under enemy fire, was carrying 16 people. Bodies found at US Chinook crash site

  Washington Bush says US to double Africa aid  President stressed trade and good government were as important as aid

Day News

  Afghanistan     16 bodies recovered from crash site
  Coalition forces have recovered all bodies of the servicemen killed in a helicopter crash near the Pakistan border

  London     Williams ends Sharapova's defence  Venus ended Maria's title defence and booked her own place in the Wimbledon final with a 7-6 (7-2) 6-1 win

  Washington Hostages: Iran leader 'embassy captor'  The White House said it is taking seriously the allegations by former hostages

  UN Indian Ocean tsunami alert deal  The scientific and cultural organisation says agreement has been reached on a warning system for the Indian Ocean

Evening News

  Gaza Israel re-opens settlements  A day after declaring all Gaza settlements in a controlled military zone, the army lifted the order

  Berlin Schroeder set for confidence vote  The parliament is due to hold a vote, which Chancellor wants to lose to trigger new elections

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