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06-29 Gaza settler chaos strikes Israel Israel
2. 06-29 Bush slammed for Iraq link to 9/11 USA
D. 06-29 Federer gets to semifinals London
4. 06-29 Revised Freedom Tower unveiled New York
5. 06-29 EU stands by Turkish entry talks European Union
G. 06-29 U.S. copter came under fire before crash Afghanistan
H. 06-29 Brazil claims Confederations Cup Frankfurt, Germany
I. 06-29 Court 'has Darfur crimes proof' Darfur
9. 06-29 U.N. questions ex-terror suspects Austria


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Morning News

Jun.29   Israel   Gaza settler chaos strikes Israel
  Militant Jewish settlers have disrupted traffic on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem road and clashed with troops in Gaza

  USA     Bush slammed for Iraq link to 9/11  Critics of the U.S. war in Iraq have condemned President for attempting to link the insurgency with the 9/11 attacks

  London Federer gets to semifinals  The Swiss is sweeping aside the Chilean Fernando Gonzalez 7-5 6-2 7-6

  New York Revised Freedom Tower unveiled  A revised design for the skyscraper that will replace the World Trade Center is following fears over security

  European Union EU stands by Turkish entry talks  The European Commission says talks should start on time on October 3with accession as a 'shared objective'

  Afghanistan U.S. copter came under fire before crash  The military helicopter that crashed along the Pakistani border came under hostile fire before it went down

Day News

  Germany   Brazil claims Confederations Cup Map of Frankfurt Germany  Brazil overpowered old foes Argentina 4-1 with a superb display of attacking football in Frankfurt

  Darfur Court 'has Darfur crimes proof'  The International Criminal Court has credible information about grave crimes

  Austria U.N. questions ex-terror suspects  Human rights experts have started questioning former terrorist suspects released from U.S. detention

Evening News

  Sudan   Darfur extradition calls rejected  Sudan's justice minister has rejected calls for the extradition of those accused to face international justice

  Spain Spain set to back gay marriages  Lower house of parliament is expected to vote for a 2nd time in favour of legalising gay marriage

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