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Crime Main Event: Hariri camp secured majori...
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06-20 Hariri camp secured majority in parliament Beirut
2. 06-20 CIA chief 'knows Bin Laden's hideout' CIA
3. 06-20 Zuma faces charges South Africa
E. 06-20 Cardinal Sin dead Philippines
F. 06-20 Sides form for run-off vote Tehran
G. 06-20 Vote on Bolton delayed again U.S. Senate


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Morning News

Jun.20   Beirut     Hariri camp secured majority in parliament
  The anti-Syrian opposition is breaking Damascus' long political hold on its tiny neighbor

  CIA     CIA chief 'knows Bin Laden's hideout'  Porter Goss says he has an 'excellent idea' where al Qaeda chief is hiding

  South Africa     Zuma faces charges  Former Deputy President, who was sacked last week, is to be charged with corruption

Day News

  Philippines   Cardinal Sin dead
  The influential former leader of the Philippines' Roman Catholic community died at age 76

  Tehran   Sides form for run-off vote Map of Tehran  Reformists lined up behind a front-running pragmatic statesman. Islamic clerics back Tehran's hard-line mayor

  U.S. Senate Vote on Bolton delayed again  Republicans failed for the 2nd time to move the Senate toward a vote on Bush's nomination of the UN ambassador

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