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Crime Main Event: Attacks kill at least 24 i...
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06-14 Attacks kill at least 24 in 2 cities Kirkuk, Northern Iraq
C. 06-14 President sacks deputy South Africa
3. 06-14 Suspected militants held Germany
E. 06-14 Rafsanjani: U.S. must do more Iran
F. 06-14 Rumsfeld: Iraq no more safe than in 2003' Washington
6. 06-14 Annan in new oil-for-food probe UN
H. 06-14 Powell breaks world 100m record Athens
8. 06-14 Door opens for 'dirty war' prosecutions Argentina
J. 06-14 Pistons pull away for 96-79 Game 3 win Detroit


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Morning News

Jun.14   Northern Iraq   Attacks kill at least 24 in 2 cities Map of Kirkuk Iraq
  Attacks happened in the northern city of Kirkuk and in the Sunni Muslim heartland

  South Africa     President sacks deputy  Thabo Mbeki has dismissed Jacob Zuma after the trial of Zuma's financial adviser implicated the deputy president

  Germany Suspected militants held  Authorities detained 3 people connected to the Iraqi militant group Ansar al-Islam

Day News

  Iran   Rafsanjani: U.S. must do more  Former President is now seeking another term as the Islamic republic's elected leader

  Washington     Rumsfeld: Iraq no more safe than in 2003'  Defence Secretary has acknowledged that security has not improved statistically since Saddam Hussein's fall

  UN     Annan in new oil-for-food probe  The inquiry is reviewing new information about the secretary-general's links with a firm hired to monitor the program

  Athens   Powell breaks world 100m record Map of Athens  Jamaican set a new men's record of 9.77 seconds at the Athens Olympic Stadium

  Argentina Door opens for 'dirty war' prosecutions  Supreme Court ruled amnesty laws for the 1976-83 dictatorship atrocities were unconstitutional

Evening News

  Detroit Pistons pull away for 96-79 Game 3 win  Wallace and Hamilton led the way as Detroit dominated the final 14 minutes and defeated the Spurs

  Chile Quake toll stands at 11  5 people were buried in a home after the 7.9 magnitude quake rattled the northern region of Tarapaca

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