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Crime Main Event: Michael Jackson cleared on...
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1. 06-13 Tribunal releases Saddam video Baghdad
C. 06-13 Fertility vote collapses Italy
D. 06-13 Air show opens with Airbus Paris
4. 06-13 Bomb kills 13, wounds 100 Pulwama, Kashmir
F. 06-13 Ex-army chief wins vote Lebanon
06-13 Michael Jackson cleared on all counts Southern California
7. 06-13 Fugitive Daewoo boss surrenders South Korea
I. 06-13 One dead, homes wrecked in quake Chile
9. 06-13 Jurors: Evidence 'just wasn't there' Southern California


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Morning News

Jun.13   Baghdad     Tribunal releases Saddam video
  In the video magistrates are questioning the former Iraqi dictator

  Italy Fertility vote collapses  A referendum on relaxing strict fertility laws has failed to reach the 50% turnout necessary for it to be valid

  Paris Air show opens with Airbus  The A380 super-jumbo has completed its first display flight at the opening of the air show

  Kashmir Bomb kills 13, wounds 100  The car or truck bomb exploded near a school and a post office in the bustling city of Pulwama

  Lebanon Ex-army chief wins vote  Candidates backed by Christian leader Michel Aoun won 15 of 16 seats in a key voting area

Day News

  Southern California     Michael Jackson cleared on all counts
  A jury deliberated about 32 hours and acquit pop star of the child molestation, conspiracy and alcohol charges

  South Korea Fugitive Daewoo boss surrenders  Kim Woo-Choong, 69, the former head of collapsed Daewoo Group has handed himself over to prosecutors

  Chile One dead, homes wrecked in quake  A 7.9 earthquake jolted a rural area of northern Chile near the Bolivian border

Evening News

  Southern California Jurors: Evidence 'just wasn't there'  A stoic Michael Jackson walked out of court acquitted by jurors who said they didn't have enough evidence

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