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Officials put toll at 169 Foreign envoys visit town of Andijan  The group of diplomats and journalists has arrived in the town to investigate last week's violence   UN calls for Uzbek deaths inquiry  Louise Arbour, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, called for an independent investigation U.S. presses for Uzbek probe Map of Andijan USA  The administration called for an international investigation into last week's violence in the city of Andijan Troops retake rebel town
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'High death toll'   Hundreds of people may have been killed during the suppression of mass protests there in the city of Andijan President Karimov blames Islamists   President has blamed unrest in the eastern city of Andijan on what he described as criminals and Islamic radicals Thousands of Uzbeks fleeing   Thousands are trying to flee the city of Andijan, leaving behind the wreckage of a government building   Relatives search for bodies Map of Andijan Uzbekistan  Anguished relatives have been searching for bodies in the city of Andijan, where hundreds were killed by a military Locals expel town leaders  Local residents of border of Korasuv are driving out representatives of the central government Soldiers reported killed in clash  8 Uzbek soldiers and 3 Islamic militants died in a clash near the Kyrgyz border. 500 Uzbeks fled to across the frontier Toll rises as unrest spreads Map of Andijan Uzbekistan  700 people have been killed in clashes. The unrest has spread from Andijan to at least 3 other towns US hardens stance on Uzbekistan  The is 'deeply disturbed' by reports that troops fired on unarmed civilians during a protest in the east of the country Opposition says 745 died
Gunmen 'release' prisoners 'Dramatic scenes' in town of Andijan  Crowds of people have gathered outside government buildings. Troops are filling a nearby street and stadium Troops clash with protesters

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  Opposition says later 745 died in fighting that broken out after a night in which soldiers clashed with demonstrators
  The Free Peasants party has compiled a list of 745 people allegedly killed by government troops
  Uzbek troops have retaken the town of Korasuv, where locals threw out their leaders in a popular protest
May.19   President Karimov rejects deaths probe Map of Andijan Uzbekistan  UN: Uzbek President has rejected requests for an international inquiry into a bloody crackdown in the town of Andijan May.20 Defiant Uzbeks stage new protest   Pressure grows for inquiry
  US, UN, EU and Nato officials have also called for an inquiry into the events
May.21 Protest over rebel's arrest
May.24 President Karimov seeks China support

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Jul.28   14 jailed Uzbeks freed  Kyrgyzstan has announced the release of refugees at the centre of a human rights case Jul.30   US asked to leave air base
  Uzbekistan has reportedly given the US 6 months to move out of the base used for operations in Afghanistan

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Aug.26   Parliament vote to expel U.S. troops  The upper house of parliament backed the government's order that the U.S. withdraw troops from Uzbekistan

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Sep.20   Trial suspects plead guilty   15 men accused of leading popular protests in Andijan have pleaded guilty to multiple charges against them

November 2005 ... more > Top ^
Nov.14   Andijan suspects given jail terms
  An court has found 15 men guilty of trying to overthrow the government, in a case which drew international criticism
  US condemns Uzbek terror verdicts   Washington has described as flawed the trial of 15 men convicted of leading an Islamist uprising in Andijan

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B. 05-12 Gunmen 'release' prisoners Andijan,, Uzbekistan
2. 05-12 'Dramatic scenes' in town of Andijan Uzbekistan
05-13 Troops clash with protesters Uzbekistan
4. 05-13 'High death toll' Andijan, Uzbekistan
5. 05-14 President Karimov blames Islamists Andijan, Uzbekistan
G. 05-14 Thousands of Uzbeks fleeing Andijan,, Kyrgyzstan
H. 05-15 Relatives search for bodies Andijan,, Uzbekistan
8. 05-15 Locals expel town leaders Uzbekistan
J. 05-15 Soldiers reported killed in clash Uzbekistan

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