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  World 'must stop N Korea testing'  The head of the UN's nuclear watchdog ElBaradei: The world must show zero tolerance to North Korea N. Korea 'may have 5 or 6 nukes'   N. Korea 'boosts nuclear arsenal'  North Korea says it has finished extracting 8,000 fuel rods from its reactor, which it shut down a month ago US stops North Korea work on MIAs   N. Korea demands U.S. apology  Vice President Cheney called Kim Jong Il 'one of the world's most irresponsible leaders' Kim meets South Korean official US pledges North Korean food aid  World Food Program said 50,000 tonnes of food was not enough to meet the 'desperate' need of North Korea Koreas agree to end of nuclear standoff N Korea to rejoin nuclear talks Seoul boosts food aid to N. Korea  South agreed to provide the North with 500,000 tons in rice aid as the countries vowed to boost economic ties   N Korea calls for US peace treaty Map of Pyongyang North Korea  Pyongyang said that a full treaty replacing the armistice signed at the end of the Korean War in 1953 was needed U.S., N. Korean envoys to meet North Korea nuclear talks resume
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Shockwaves after NK nuclear claim  World leaders expressed concern that North Korea will quit talks and will 'bolster its nuclear weapons arsenal' US urges N Korea to resume talks  The US hopes to persuade North Korea to return to multi-party talks on its nuclear weapons program   N. Korea demands direct U.S. talks  The U.S. has reaffirmed its opposition to 2-way talks North Korea rallies support for Kim China to push for N. Korean talks   N. Korea 'rejects nuclear talks'  An unnamed North Korean spokesman: North Korea is not ready to return to 6-party nuclear disarmament talks   N Korea hints at return to talks  Kim Jong-il is is saying his country was ready to return to 6-party talks but the US must show 'trustworthy sincerity' IAEA chief: N Korea bigger threat   US urges N Korea to re-join talk  Condoleezza Rice has called on N. Korea to return to talks aimed at halting its nuclear weapons program   Rice presses China on North Korea  U.S. Secretary of State has met China's top leaders on the final leg of her six-nation Asian tour   N.Korea confirms bird flu outbreak  Officials for the first time have acknowledged that avian flu has broken out   N. Korea works to contain bird flu  North Korea, which has culled tens of thousands of chickens, may be able to contain its first suspected outbreaks N. Korea apparently tests missile
US cool on North Korea overtures  Officials have given a cautious welcome to indications by North Korea that it may rejoin 6-nation talks   N. Korea Admits to Nukes, Out of Talks

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  North Korea publicly admitted for the first time that it has nuclear weapons and suspending participation in talks

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  White House chief of staff: North Korea has conducted a test of a short-range missile

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  Diplomats from the US, N. Korea, S. Korea, China, Russia and Japan have sat down together

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Aug.6   Stalled nuclear talks take recess
  After meeting for 13 straight days, diplomats from 6 powers decided to take a recess from talks Aug.9 U.S.: North Korea deal 'uncertain'
Aug.13 Divided Koreas mark 1945 freedom Pyongyang hints at compromise Aug.24 Khan 'gave centrifuges to N Korea'

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Sep.12 NK nuclear talks return to table
Sep.13 NK: Right to peaceful nuke program Hu, Bush discuss NK's nuclear plan Sep.16 China seeks N Korea breakthrough Sep.18   Agreement in N. Korea talks
  The U.S. Embassy said the 6 parties involved in talks have reached an agreement
Sep.19   N Korea puts terms on arms deal
  North Korea will not give up its nuclear arms program until it gets a civilian nuclear reactor
Sep.20 U.S., Russia reject N Korea demand Sep.22 N Korea: U.S. reactors 'essential' North Korea rejects UN food aid

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Oct.27 China's Hu arrives in N Korea

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Nov.1 Koreas 'to unify Olympics teams'
Nov.16     Bush seeks Asian unity on N. Korea  U.S. President is looking for a show of unity to press North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program

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B. 01-14 US cool on North Korea overtures Washington
02-09 N. Korea Admits to Nukes, Out of Talks North Korea
D. 02-10 Shockwaves after NK nuclear claim North Korea
E. 02-10 US urges N Korea to resume talks Washington
5. 02-11 N. Korea demands direct U.S. talks North Korea
G. 02-12 North Korea rallies support for Kim Pyongyang, North Korea
7. 02-13 China to push for N. Korean talks Beijing
8. 02-19 N. Korea 'rejects nuclear talks' North Korea
9. 02-21 N Korea hints at return to talks North Korea

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