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Death penalty 'at record levels'  Amnesty International: Nearly 4,000 people were executed worldwide in 2004, the most in nearly a decade Poverty targets 'may be missed'  The World Bank and the IMF say bold, urgent action is needed to reduce extreme poverty Labs ordered to destroy flu virus
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  Millions grieve for John Paul II
Worldwide protests mark Iraq war

March 2005 ... more > Top ^
  Protests have been taking place across the world marking 2 years since the start of the war

April 2005 ... more > Top ^
  Up to 100,000 people held a candlelit vigil in St Peter's Square in Rome
  4,000 laboratories in 18 countries have been asked to destroy samples that were accidentally included in testing kits
Apr.16   Soyuz spacecraft docks with ISS  A Russian spacecraft carrying replacement crew has docked at the International Station after a 2-day journey

July 2005 ... more > Top ^
Jul.2   Millions gather for Live 8 concert
  Millions were gathering at concert venues across the world to focus attention on global poverty
Jul.29     Spacewalk to test shuttle repair
  The mission's first spacewalk will include a test of repair kits for the orbiter

November 2005 ... more > Top ^
Nov.21   Global moves to combat flu threat
  China, the US, Canada, Japan and North Korea all taking action to help stop the disease spreading

December 2005 ... more > Top ^
Dec.1   Controversy clouds World Aids Day
  International disagreement over how to fight the global pandemic has persisted

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