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05-09 Bomb kills Chechen president Chechnya
C. 05-09 Schumacher equalled record of 5 wins Spain
D. 05-09 At least 5 killed in Baghdad blast Najaf, Iraq
4. 05-09 Sharon cancels U.S. visit Jerusalem
F. 05-09 First court martial on Iraq abuse Iraq
6. 05-09 Putin 'to avenge' Chechen killing Moscow
H. 05-09 Valencia clinch Spanish title Sevilla, Spain
8. 05-09 Violence mars poll Philippines
9. 05-09 Bush fights to shore up Rumsfeld Pentagon, Washington


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Morning News

May.9   Chechnya   Bomb kills Chechen president
  Akhmad Kadyrov and at least 5 others died in an explosion at a stadium in the Chechen capital

  Spain     Schumacher equalled record of 5 wins  Michael passed Renault's Jarno Trulli during the first pit stops and controlled the rest of the race

  Iraq At least 5 killed in Baghdad blast  A bomb exploded at a crowded market. The coalition forces in Najaf stepped up operations against Muqtada al-Sadr

  Jerusalem Sharon cancels U.S. visit  Prime Minister canceled a trip to Washington to rework his plan to pull Jewish settlements

  Iraq First court martial on Iraq abuse  Jeremy Sivits, a 24-year-old military policeman, will go on trial on 19 May. 6 other are also facing criminal charges

Evening News

  Moscow     Putin 'to avenge' Chechen killing  Chechen Prime Minister Abramov has taken over as the new leader of the republic

  Spain Valencia clinch Spanish title  Valencia clinched their 2nd title in 3 seasons after goals from midfielders earned them a 2-0 victory at Sevilla

  Philippines Violence mars poll  Voters are choosing between incumbent President Arroyo, film star Fernando Poe Jr. and 3 other candidates

  Washington Bush fights to shore up Rumsfeld  President is to visit the Pentagon to try to secure the position of his embattled defence secretary

  Athens Olympics work anxiety grows  Officials from the International Olympic Committee are visiting Athens for their last inspection

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