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Crime Main Event: Saudi blames al Qaeda for ...
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1. 05-30 Gunmen 'killed 22' in Khobar Saudi Arabia
C. 05-30 Schumi storms to home win Germany
05-30 Saudi blames al Qaeda for attack Khobar, Saudi Arabia
E. 05-30 Cunego completes Giro d'Italia win Italy
F. 05-30 Clashes flare up again Bukavu, Congo
G. 05-30 U.S. forces battle al-Sadr militia Iraq
7. 05-30 Istanbul bomb suspects on trial Istanbul
I. 05-30 Decision delayed on withdrawal plan Jerusalem
J. 05-30 Henman advances after marathon win France


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Morning News

May.30   Saudi Arabia   Gunmen 'killed 22' in Khobar  The 25-hour crisis ended when commandos stormed a complex where militants had been holding dozens of people hostage

  Germany Schumi storms to home win  Michael Schumacher cruised to victory at the European Grand Prix in his 6th win in 7 races

Day News

  Saudi Arabia     Saudi blames al Qaeda for attack Map of Khobar Saudi Arabia
  Government officials blamed al Qaeda militants for theattacks in the oil city of Khobar that left at least 22 people dead

  Italy   Cunego completes Giro d'Italia win  Emerging talent was crowned 2004 winner after coming home safely in the pack at the end of final stage

  Congo Clashes flare up again  Renewed fighting has broken out near the town of Bukavu in the east of the contry

Evening News

  Iraq     U.S. forces battle al-Sadr militia  Despite a 3-day truce, a firefight erupted in Kufa when U.S. troops on a reconnaissance mission clashed with insurgents

  Istanbul   Istanbul bomb suspects on trial  The trial is to open of those accused of organising 4 suicide bombings that killed more than 60 people

  Jerusalem Decision delayed on withdrawal plan  Prime Minister Sharon said would give his Cabinet at least another week to discuss his revised plan

  France Henman advances after marathon win  Tim Henman battled back from 2 sets down against Michael Llodra to reach the quarterfinals of the French Open

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