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War & Army Main Event: Bush calls for change...
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1. 01-07 Bremer: Iraq detainees to be freed Iraq
C. 01-07 Suspect admits killing Anna Lindh Sweden
D. 01-07 French hunt missing air passenger France
01-07 Bush calls for changes on illegal workers Washington
5. 01-07 Mortar attack wounds 35 U.S. soldiers Sunni Triangle
6. 01-07 Volence leaves 27 dead Afghanistan
H. 01-07 Violence flares at protest Haiti
I. 01-07 Tremors bring new emergency Iran
J. 01-07 Second China SARS suspect spotted Guangdong, Southern China


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Morning News

Jan.7   Iraq     Bremer: Iraq detainees to be freed  The coalition will begin releasing certain detained, if they renounce violence and have a respected sponsor

  Sweden   Suspect admits killing Anna Lindh  Mijailo Mijailovic, suspected of killing the Foreign Minister, has admitted committing the crime

  France French hunt missing air passenger  A wanted Afghan failed to board an Air France flight that was canceled due to security concerns

Day News

  Washington   Bush calls for changes on illegal workers
  Plan allows some 8 million illegal immigrants to obtain legal status as temporary workers

  Sunni Triangle   Mortar attack wounds 35 U.S. soldiers  About 6 mortars struck Logistical Base Seitz within the 'Sunni Triangle'

  Afghanistan Volence leaves 27 dead  U.S. forces scoured a town near the Pakistani border for suspects in the bombing that killed 15 civilians, mostly children

  Haiti Violence flares at protest  Opposition groups have clashed with supporters of President Aristide during an anti-government demonstration

  Iran Tremors bring new emergency  Authorities closed schools and warned oil and gas workers to take precautions

Evening News

  Southern China     Second China SARS suspect spotted Map of Guangdong China  A 20-year-old waitress has been admitted to hospital in the Chinese province of Guangdong

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