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01-06 Diana crash investigation ordered London
2. 01-06 India, Pakistan to open talks Pakistan
D. 01-06 Powerful bomb kills at least 10 Kandahar
E. 01-06 2 French nationals killed Falluja, Sunni Triangle
F. 01-06 Crash flight recorder 'located' Egypt
6. 01-06 Mars probe returns colour images USA
H. 01-06 Sky marshals plan brings backlash England
8. 01-06 Pools design chosen to mark 9/11 New York
J. 01-06 Pakistan aided Libya nuke program Pakistan


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Morning News

Jan.6   London     Diana crash investigation ordered
  Most senior policeman is to investigate whether the car crash was more than just an accident

  Pakistan     India, Pakistan to open talks
  Nuclear powers announced a historic agreement aimed at resolving their dispute over Kashmir

  Kandahar Powerful bomb kills at least 10  A bicycle bomb exploded on a street in Kandahar, shattering cars and windows in the area

  Sunni Triangle 2 French nationals killed  The pair have been shot dead in the town of Falluja, 30 miles west of Baghdad

  Egypt Crash flight recorder 'located'  French searchers have located the 'black box' that might explain why a plane crashed into the Red Sea

Day News

  USA   Mars probe returns colour images  The robot Spirit has sent back pictures of the dusty and rocky surface

  England   Sky marshals plan brings backlash  The U.S. demand that armed marshals be stationed on some U.S.-bound flights has prompted deep concerns among pilots

  New York Pools design chosen to mark 9/11  American architect Arad has won a competition to design the main memorial for the victims of the attacks

  Pakistan Pakistan aided Libya nuke program  U.S. officials: Libya obtained key nuclear weapons technology and assistance from Pakistan, including centrifuge technology

Evening News

  UN     Welcome for Kashmir breakthrough  Leaders from around the world have welcomed India and Pakistan's decision to hold talks to resolve their dispute

  UN Annan issues Afghanistan warning  The secretary-general has warned that peace process is at a critical juncture

  Caribbean Dominica PM dies of heart attack  Minister Pierre Charles was leaving a meeting when he complained of not feeling well and collapsed

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