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Politics Main Event: Janet Jackson revealing...
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01-31 Janet Jackson revealing breast Texas
C. 01-31 BA, Air France cancel U.S. flights England
D. 01-31 2 bombings kill 12, including 3 U.S. soldiers Mosul
4. 01-31 Nuclear chief sacked Pakistan
5. 01-31 Interior minister: elections would be illegal Iran
6. 01-31 109 lawmakers resign Iran
H. 01-31 Security fears cancel 6 flights Los Angeles
I. 01-31 Train connects South and North Adelaide, Australia
J. 01-31 WHO chides China over latest SARS Guangdong, Southern China


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Morning News

Jan.31   Texas     Janet Jackson revealing breast
  During the Super Bowl halftime singer Justin Timberlake snatched off part of Jackson's bustier on stage

  England   BA, Air France cancel U.S. flights
  British Airways and Air France canceled 5 flights to Washington and Miami because of security concerns

  Mosul     2 bombings kill 12, including 3 U.S. soldiers
  A car bomb exploded on payday at a police station in Mosul. A roadside bomb attacks a U.S. Army convoy

  Pakistan   Nuclear chief sacked  The founder of nuclear weapons programme Abdul Qadeer Khan has been removed from his post as a government adviser

Day News

  Iran     Interior minister: elections would be illegal  Abdolvahed Mousavi Lari said elections would be illegal in light of an impasse over the disqualification of candidates

Evening News

  Iran     109 lawmakers resign
  Reformist lawmakers are protesting the conservative election commission's disqualification of reform candidates

  Los Angeles   Security fears cancel 6 flights  Continental has canceled Sunday's Flight 17 from Glasgow to Los Angeles because of security concerns

  Australia Train connects South and North  The Ghan is the first passenger train linking Adelaide and Darwin has begun its inaugural journey

  Southern China WHO chides China over latest SARS  Beijing announced a 4th confirmed case of the deadly virus -- a 40-year-old doctor in the province Guangdong

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