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War & Army Main Event: Israel and Hezbollah ...
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01-29 Israel and Hezbollah swap prisoners Cologne, Ruhr
C. 01-29 BBC apologizes as Dyke quits London
3. 01-29 7 U.S. troops killed in explosion Afghanistan
E. 01-29 Prisoners welcomed home Lebanon
F. 01-29 Ministers back BBC independence England
G. 01-29 US admits Iraq intelligence flaws Washington


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Morning News

Jan.29   Ruhr     Israel and Hezbollah swap prisoners Map of Cologne Germany
  Israel released 35 prisoners. Hezbollah released an abducted Israeli businessman and the bodies of 3 Israel soldiers

  London   BBC apologizes as Dyke quits
  Director General has quit. The new Acting Chairman apologised for errors during the Dr Kelly affair

  Melbourne     Exhausted Safin overpowers Agassi  The Russian outhustled Agassi 7-6 7-6 5-7 1-6 6-3 in a stamina-sapping encounter in the Australian Open semifinal

Day News

  Afghanistan     7 U.S. troops killed in explosion  A weapons cache exploded killing 7 soldiers and wounding 3 others and an interpreter. Another soldier was missing

  Lebanon Prisoners welcomed home  Huge crowds have greeted Hezbollah militants freed by Israel. A ceremony held to honour 3 soldiers killed in Lebanon

Evening News

  England   Ministers back BBC independence  Culture Secretary Jowell rejected fears that the Hutton's report might be used to undermine its independence

  Washington US admits Iraq intelligence flaws  Condoleezza Rice has acknowledged for the first time that intelligence reports on Iraq might have been wrong

San Francisco Bay Area , January 29, 2004 Timeline