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01-28 Hutton clears Blair, faults BBC London
C. 01-28 Israeli troops kill 8 in raid Gaza
3. 01-28 Crisis talks as flu hits Bangkok Thailand
E. 01-28 Car bomb detonates outside hotel Iraq
5. 01-28 BBC chairman quits over Hutton London
G. 01-28 Karadzic bodyguard seized Bosnia
7. 01-28 Prisoner exchange begins Ruhr
I. 01-28 U.S. eyes spring offensive in Afghanistan Afghanistan


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Morning News

Jan.28   London     Hutton clears Blair, faults BBC
  A senior judge says the government did not act in a 'dishonorable, underhand or duplicitous' way in its handling of David Kelly

  Gaza   Israeli troops kill 8 in raid  Israeli forces shot and killed 8 Palestinians, including at least 3 members of the Islamic Jihad, and wounded 6 others

  Thailand Crisis talks as flu hits Bangkok  Health experts are meeting as parts of the Thai capital are declared 'danger zones'

  Iraq Car bomb detonates outside hotel  A vehicle packed with explosives blew up in Baghdad, killing the driver and at least 2 bystanders

Day News

  London   BBC chairman quits over Hutton
  Gavyn Davies has resigned in the wake of criticisms of the corporation's reports

  Bosnia     Karadzic bodyguard seized  NATO-led peacekeepers captured Zeljko Jankovic, known as Luna, the former bodyguard to the ex-Bosnian Serb leader

  Ruhr   Prisoner exchange begins Map of Ruhr  36 detainees are being flown to Germany after leaving a jail near Tel Aviv

  Alaska Exxon hit with $6.75bn spill bill  A federal judge has ordered Exxon to pay for the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill

  Afghanistan U.S. eyes spring offensive in Afghanistan  The military is planning an offensive against remnants of the Taliban and al Qaeda fighters

Evening News

  Jerusalem   10 killed in suicide attack on bus
  45 were also injured in the blast which was detonated not far from Sharon's residence

  Melbourne     Clijsters sets up Belgian final  Kim Clijsters will face Justine Henin-Hardenne in the Australian Open final after beating Schnyder

  Western Canada New remains found at pig farm  Robert Pickton is already facing charges of murdering 22 of more than 60 missing sex trade workers

  Thailand Bird flu crisis: Mass cull needed  World Health Organization: A mass slaughter of infected chickens and ducks is the only way of controlling the flu

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