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1. 01-26 US talks break ice with Gaddafi Libya
C. 01-26 Parmalat debt grows to 14bn euros Italy
3. 01-26 Powell presses Putin on democracy Moscow
01-26 Rescuers trapped in Cairo collapse Cairo
5. 01-26 U.S., Britain downplay Kay remarks Washington
6. 01-26 Bush praises al Qaeda capture in Iraq USA
7. 01-26 Constitution becomes law Kabul
8. 01-26 US to review pre-war intelligence Washington


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Morning News

Jan.26   Libya     US talks break ice with Gaddafi  Congressmen have held talks with Libyan leader, discussed the issue of WMD and visited a nuclear facility

  Melbourne Federer ends Hewitt's Aussie dream  Swiss world No. 2 played some breathtaking tennis to come from behind at Australian Open 4-6 6-3 6-0 6-4

  Italy Parmalat debt grows to 14bn euros  Parmalat owes almost 8 times what the company claimed when it went bust in December

  Moscow Powell presses Putin on democracy  Blunt comments are suggesting the U.S. is worried about tendencies shown by the Russian leadership

Day News

  Cairo   Rescuers trapped in Cairo collapse Map of Cairo
  A burning 12-story building collapsed, trapping up to 18 people inside and injuring 33. All but 2 were firefighters and police

  Washington   U.S., Britain downplay Kay remarks  Both governments have defended their decision to oust Saddam despite an assertion by the leader of a team of experts

  USA Bush praises al Qaeda capture in Iraq  President praised U.S. intelligence agencies for their role in the capture of Hasan Ghul

Evening News

  Kabul   Constitution becomes law
  President Karzai has signed new constitution into law, a document that gives him sweeping powers

  Washington   US to review pre-war intelligence  The Government stood by its decision to topple Saddam

  Melbourne Agassi in semis as Grosjean folds  9-seeded pulled out with a groin strain after losing the first set 6-2 and then trailing 2-0 in the second

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