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Main Event: Bush made State of the Union ad...
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B. 01-20 Shiites demand Saddam's execution Iraq
C. 01-20 200 election bans overturned Iran
D. 01-20 Gas explosion kills 20 Algeria
E. 01-20 Israel strikes Hezbollah targets Southern Lebanon
01-20 Bush made State of the Union address Washington


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Morning News

Jan.20   Iraq     Shiites demand Saddam's execution  Thousands of marched through Baghdad, clamoring for Saddam Hussein timeline">Saddam Hussein's execution

  Iran     200 election bans overturned  Guardian Council is allowing 200 reformist candidates of more than 3,500 blacklisted a week ago to stand in elections

  Algeria Gas explosion kills 20  A tank filled with liquefied natural gas exploded at a refinery

Day News

  Southern Lebanon     Israel strikes Hezbollah targets  Warplanes pounded 2 bases in southern Lebanon, after the death of an Israeli soldier along the border

Evening News

  Washington     Bush made State of the Union address
  President has made a robust defence of his administration's record and insisted that his foreign policies had made Americans safer

  Melbourne Awesome Agassi strides on  Agassi reached round three of the Australian Open with an easy win 6-0, 6-2, 6-4 over Czech Tomas Berdych

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