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01-14 Bush unveils vision for moon and beyond Washington
2. 01-14 Hamas uses female suicide bomber Israel
D. 01-14 Moderates reject Khatami plea Iran
4. 01-14 Lindh not target, court hears Sweden
F. 01-14 Foreign minister resigns South Korea
G. 01-14 Khamenei orders election U-turn Iran
7. 01-14 Enron finance chief pleads guilty Texas
8. 01-14 'Ammunition' man held at Heathrow England
J. 01-14 Flight staff in SARS scare Sydney


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Morning News

Jan.14   Washington     Bush unveils vision for moon and beyond
  An ambitious plan is to return Americans to the moon by 2020 for future manned trips to Mars

  Israel     Hamas uses female suicide bomber
  The militant group has used a female bomber for the first time in a suicide attack which killed 4 Israelis on the border with Gaza

  Iran     Moderates reject Khatami plea  Reformist lawmakers have refused call to end their protest over the disqualification of hundreds of candidates for parliament

  Sweden   Lindh not target, court hears  Mijailo Mijailovic, 25, judges he 'couldn't resist' the voices he heard telling him to attack the foreign minister

Day News

  South Korea   Foreign minister resigns  Yoon Young-kwan has resigned following a row among officials over President Roh's policy

  Iran   Khamenei orders election U-turn  Iran's supreme leader has told Guardian Council to reconsider the disqualifications of pro-reform electoral candidates

  Texas Enron finance chief pleads guilty  Andrew Fastow and his wife pleaded guilty to 2 counts of wire and securities fraud for his role in the accounting scandal

  England 'Ammunition' man held at Heathrow  A Sudanese man has been arrested under anti-terror laws carrying what appeared to be some kind of ammunition

  Sydney Flight staff in SARS scare  2 Chinese flight attendants have been put in isolation in a hospital after showing symptoms of the deadly virus

Evening News

  India India, Pakistan resume train link  A train has arrived from Pakistan, marking the resumption of rail links between the 2 rivals after a gap of 2 years

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