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Crime Main Event: Anger as 'Dr. Death' found...
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01-13 Anger as 'Dr. Death' found hanged England
C. 01-13 Bremer: Iraq elections can't be rushed Iraq
3. 01-13 Berlusconi immunity thrown out Italy
E. 01-13 U.N. envoy among crash dead Uzbekistan
F. 01-13 Protesters seek jobs, end to occupation Southern Iraq
G. 01-13 Americas leaders 'overcome' rifts Mexico
7. 01-13 Pupil shot teacher Netherlands
I. 01-13 Duties on steel imposed Beijing
9. 01-13 Blast rocks police station Baquba, Iraq


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Morning News

Jan.13   England   Anger as 'Dr. Death' found hanged
  Serial killer Harold Shipman hanged himself using bed sheets from the window bars in his cell

  Iraq   Bremer: Iraq elections can't be rushed  The direct elections would be held next year -- after the handover of power to an Iraqi government

  Italy Berlusconi immunity thrown out  Constitutional court has thrown out a controversial law granting Prime Minister immunity from prosecution

  Uzbekistan U.N. envoy among crash dead  37 people have been killed when a Uzbekistan Airways flight crashed as it reached the capital of Tashkent

Day News

  Southern Iraq   Protesters seek jobs, end to occupation  Jobless protested. U.S. helicopter shot down; crew rescued

  Mexico   Americas leaders 'overcome' rifts  Leaders attending an Americas summit have signed a final declaration, despite earlier rifts on the key issues

  Netherlands Pupil shot teacher  A schoolteacher has died after a student shot him in the head in a school cafeteria

Evening News

  Beijing Duties on steel imposed  China is imposing tariffs of up to 55% on cold-rolled steel imports, which it says have damaged domestic producers

  Iraq Blast rocks police station  Several people are reported to have been killed in the explosion in the central town of Baquba

  Congo Mbeki for landmark state visit  South African President arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo to bring peace to the volatile country

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