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Politics Main Event: 6 killed in jobs protest
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01-10 6 killed in jobs protest Amarah, Southern Iraq
C. 01-10 21 die as boat sinks Albania
3. 01-10 Mars rover gets ready to roll USA
4. 01-10 Mbeki unveils election manifesto South Africa
5. 01-10 Tiananmen exile appeals Hong Kong
6. 01-10 Crack down on internet use Cuba
H. 01-10 Panthers stun Rams Missouri


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Morning News

Jan.10   Southern Iraq   6 killed in jobs protest Map of Amarah Iraq
  Coalition troops fired at a demonstration over jobs in Amarah

  Albania     21 die as boat sinks  A speedboat transporting Albanians trying to get to Italy has sunk. 11 people survived

Day News

  USA     Mars rover gets ready to roll  The Spirit has completed manoeuvres which should allow it to explore the surface within days

  South Africa Mbeki unveils election manifesto  President has launched a manifesto for his ruling African National Congress

Evening News

  Hong Kong     Tiananmen exile appeals  Wuer Kaixi has urged China to allow himself and others to return to their homeland

  Cuba Crack down on internet use  A new law will make access to the internet more difficult for Cubans

  Missouri Panthers stun Rams  Panthers beat St. Louis 29-23 in double overtime on Smith's 69-yard touchdown reception

San Francisco Bay Area , January 10, 2004 Timeline