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50 foreigners held hostage Map of Khobar. Saudi Arabia
World News (13) Middle East (1738) Gulf (170) Saudi Arabia (141) 2004
Disasters (2) Politics (7) Business (3) Crime (28) War & Army (7)
Saudi Arabia, January 2004 Saudi Arabia, February 2004 Saudi Arabia, March 2004 Saudi Arabia, April 2004 Saudi Arabia, May 2004 Saudi Arabia, June 2004 Saudi Arabia, July 2004 Saudi Arabia, August 2004 Saudi Arabia, September 2004 Saudi Arabia, October 2004 Saudi Arabia, November 2004 Saudi Arabia, December 2004
Suicide Bomber (222)   Saudi Arabia Terror (74)   Hostages (144)   Eastern Province (4)   Saudi Arabia Kidnapping (4)

Main Event: 6 Westerners killed in attack
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05-01 6 Westerners killed in attack Saudi Arabia
C. 05-29 50 foreigners held hostage Khobar., Saudi Arabia
D. 06-18 U.S. hostage beheaded Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saudi bomb: pro-al Qaeda claim 3 militants killed in gunfight Police believe al Qaeda suspects cornered   6 Westerners killed in attack
Security scare grounds flight to Saudi Muslim pilgrimage nears its climax Hajj stampede: 244 pilgrims dead  The stampede at a stone-throwing ritual lasted for 27 minutes before the crowd was brought under control U.K. issues Saudi Arabia warning Saudis vow to avoid oil shortages US citizens urged to leave Saudi   Suicide bomb kills 9 Map of Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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April 2004 ... more > Top ^
  Also 125 wounded in a suicide bombing outside the 5-story Saudi General Security Building in Riyadh

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  4 attackers entered a compound and opened fire on workers
  Security forces have surrounded an oil company housing compound in the city of Khobar. The gunmen killed 16 people
  Hostage standoff ends  Most of hostages are safe and well. An American was among the 11 people killed during the attack spree May.30 Gunmen 'killed 22' in Khobar     Saudi blames al Qaeda for attack   Government officials blamed al Qaeda militants for theattacks in the oil city of Khobar that left at least 22 people dead May.31 Manhunt for hostage-takers   Oil price surge after siege  Fear of Middle East unrest pushed prices higher, despite signs that exporters will agree to increase output

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Jun.2 Saudis kill '2 siege suspects'
Saudis say oil industry 'secure' Jun.6   Two BBC men shot in Riyadh  Cameraman Simon Cumbers has been killed and correspondent Frank Gardner injured after gunmen opened fire Jun.8     American killed in Riyadh  Gunmen have shot dead an American man in the capital Jun.10     Gadhafi plot to 'kill Saudi leader'  Saudi Arabian and U.S. authorities are investigating an alleged plot to assassinate Crown Prince Abdullah Jun.12 American shot dead in Riyadh   Militants claim American kidnapped   A statement from al-Qaeda says the group killed one US citizen and kidnapped another in Riyadh Jun.15   Kidnapped American threatened in video  Al Qaeda gunmen threaten to kill a man who identified himself as Paul Johnson unless al Qaeda prisoners are let go Jun.17 Saudi friend asks captors to free American Jun.18   U.S. hostage beheaded Map of Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  Decapitated body of Paul Johnson Jr. was left in Riyadh. Terrorist group leader, 3 others die in gunbattle
    Militants killed after beheading  The authorities say they have killed a senior al-Qaeda leader and 3 other militants in a shootout Jun.19     Saudis: Al Qaeda chief dead  Top leader Abdel Aziz al-Muqrin among 4 killed, Saudi security forces say Jun.20     New Saudi al Qaeda chief named  Saleh al-Oufi, a former prison guard, will replace slain leader Abdel Aziz al-Muqrin, according to the Islamist Web site     Al Qaeda alleges Saudi aid  Militants who killed American Johnson said that sympathetic Saudi security forces aided their kidnapping operation Jun.28 Al Qaeda member surrenders

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Jul.13 Bin Laden associate surrenders
Jul.15 2nd Saudi militant surrenders Jul.20   Saudi forces clash with militants   Security forces killed 2 suspected militants and wounded 3 others in an exchange of fire in the capital Riyadh Jul.21   Saudis find U.S. hostage's head  Security forces carrying out a major anti-terrorist operation have found the head of Paul M. Johnson Jr. Jul.28   Saudis propose Muslim Iraq force  A new international military force will be drawn exclusively from Muslim countries

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Sep.10   WTC agency sues Saudis over 9/11  The agency that owns the site of the World Trade Center is suing Saudi Arabia for damages suffered

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Nov.27 Police Shoot Dead Militant in Jeddah

December 2004 ... more > Top ^
Dec.6   9 Killed in Attack on U.S. Mission
Map of Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  Militants stormed the heavily fortified consulate in Jeddah in a brazen raid before security forces regained control
Dec.22 Saudis expel Libyan envoy Dec.29   Blasts rock Saudi capital
  2 explosions is killing 2 militants and wounding several people. Police kill 7 suspected militants

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