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Fighting in Mosul leaves 12 dead  Clashes between police and insurgents left 12 Iraqis dead and 26 wounded. The provincial governor imposed a curfew Attack on police academy kills 25   At least 40 others wounded when 2 bombs exploded simultaneously near an police academy in Kirkuk Fighting rages  US troops fought rebels for a 2nd day, while Iraqi forces said they had captured 500 suspected militants Insurgents target more Iraqi officials  Insurgents killing one official, wounding one, and missing another in Baghdad and in the northern city of Mosul   Kirkuk bombing attacks Iraqi forces
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War & Army Main Event: Multiple attacks kill...
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1. 01-31 2 bombings kill 12, including 3 U.S. soldiers Mosul
C. 02-22 Car bomb hits Iraq police station Kirkuk, Kurdistan
D. 03-27 Police officer killed in his home Kirkuk, Northern Iraq
E. 03-28 Minister escapes shooting Mosul
5. 03-29 Mosul violence leaves 8 dead Mosul
G. 05-10 3 dead in drive-by attack Kirkuk, Northern Iraq
06-24 Multiple attacks kill 90 Fallujah, Sunni Triangle
8. 06-26 PM party offices attacked Northern Iraq
J. 08-01 Bomb blasts rock churches Baghdad

PM party offices attacked  Insurgents took aim at political targets in northern Iraq, killing 3 people in separate attacks Bomb blasts rock churches
  2 bombings kill 12, including 3 U.S. soldiers  A car bomb exploded on payday at a police station in Mosul. A roadside bomb attacks a U.S. Army convoy   Car bomb hits Iraq police station   A suicide car bombing has killed at least 6 people in a Kurdish neighbourhood in the city of Kirkuk Police officer killed in his home   An Iraqi police officer was shot and killed in front of his family in Kirkuk and 2 people were killed in Mosu Minister escapes shooting  Iinterim Public Works Minister Nisreen Mustafa al-Burwari has escaped an assassination attempt in Mosul Mosul violence leaves 8 dead  U.S. soldiers shot and killed 4 Iraqi insurgents 3 dead in drive-by attack   The victims, a South African, a New Zealander and an unidentified person were killed in the northern city of Kirkuk Multiple attacks kill 90 Map of Fallujah Iraq

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  Attackers detonated bombs and launched ambushes in Baghdad, Mosul, Ba'qubah, Ramadi and Fallujah

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  Bombs have gone off near 4 churches in Baghdad and Mosul. At least 2 people are reported killed and more than 20 injured

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  A suicide car bomb detonated in front of the national guard headquarters, killing 19 people and wounding 39 others

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Nov.12   Fighting intensifies in 4 cities
Map of Falluja Iraq  As U.S. soldiers advanced into southern Falluja, violence and combat intensified in Mosul, Baquba and Baghdad Nov.16   US launches major Mosul assault  More than 1,000 soldiers were to be deployed. Military had diverted 500 troops from the Falluja operation Nov.20   9 bodies of Iraqi troops found in Mosul  The soldiers had been shot in the back of their heads, all found within 300 feet of each other

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Dec.4     Suicide Attack Kills 7 Kurdish Fighters
  A car bomber blew up his vehicle beside a bus carrying Kurdish militiamen in the city of Mosul Dec.21   22 killed in attack on U.S. base
  Multiple rounds hit a dining hall near Mosul, killing U.S. troops, members of the Iraqi national guard, and Iraqi civilians
Dec.22     Rumsfeld pressed over Mosul blast  Defence Secretary has come under pressure over the attack at a US base in the northern Iraqi city that killed 22 people Dec.23   Security review after Mosul attack
  The Pentagon is investigating how U.S. forces check the backgrounds of Iraqi workers
Dec.26   Video purportedly shows mess hall attack  A 5-minute video shows members of a radical Islamist group preparing for and carrying out the Mosul attack

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