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Koreas agree on easing tensions Koreas to open new transport link N. Korea makes N-test threat N Korea talks fail to end impasse Powell meets N Korean minister US donating food aid to N Korea N Korean defectors flown to Seoul N Korea warns of nuclear arms race Big blast reported
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1. 01-02 N Korea 'allows US nuclear visit' Yongbyon, North Korea
2. 01-05 N. Korea offers 'bold' nuke deal North Korea
01-09 US team visits key site Yongbyon, North Korea
E. 01-11 Seoul seeks nuke visit report South Korea
5. 01-15 North Korea sends nuclear warning Pyongyang, North Korea
G. 02-02 N. Korea talks this month North Korea
H. 02-08 Food aid dries up North Korea
8. 02-09 N Korea denies nuclear disclosures North Korea

100 bodies found in train blast  A massive wreckage left by a blast was ignited by a spark, caused when a rail car carrying explosives touched a cable Rare appeal for help from N. Korea  U.N. Secretary-General Annan said that a U.N. mission will 'mobilize immediate support and assistance' N Korea admits 'serious' accident Red Cross: Train explosion site flattened  A Red Cross worker has described the scene as one of devastation, with burned and 'totally flattened' buildings Train disaster death toll rises  The toll from explosion has reached 161, according to a Red Cross. More than 1,300 have been injured Train blast site 'apocalyptic'  An international aid official was shocked at the widespread destruction and says urgent medical help is needed   Japan PM starts landmark summit
  N Korea 'allows US nuclear visit'   North Korea has reportedly agreed to let a group of experts visit its top facility at Yongbyon   N. Korea offers 'bold' nuke deal  North Korea is willing to halt its nuclear activities to get 6-nation talks started again   US team visits key site Map of Yongbyon North Korea  A non-official delegation visited the secret nuclear complex at Yongbyon   Seoul seeks nuke visit report  Officials are due to get a first hand report on North Korea's Yongbyon facility from an unofficial U.S. delegation North Korea sends nuclear warning Expert not convinced on NK nukes  Sigfried Hecker could not say if it really was bomb-grade plutonium metal as North Korea claimed N. Korea talks this month   Food aid dries up  More than 6 million North Koreans will go without emergency food aid until April. The UN blames funding crisis N Korea denies nuclear disclosures Mixed hopes at N. Korea nuke talks  6-nation talks on resolving the nuclear crisis have begun after a flurry of last minute meetings US and North Korea hold key talks North Korea talks extended N Korea nuclear talks near finale US: N. Korea talks exceeded expectations  The United States declared six-party talks on the North Korean nuclear crisis 'very successful' Kim 'in China for secret talks' Many casualties in train crash

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April 2004 ... more > Top ^
  2 trains carrying flammable materials have exploded in a station and leaves up to 3,000 people dead or injured

May 2004 ... more > Top ^
  Junichiro Koizumi has started talks with the North Korean president, to discuss the fate of the relatives of abducted

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  A big explosion rocked a northern province near the border with China on the 56th anniversary of the country founding
Sep.12   Blast 'was not nuclear'  The United States and S. Korea have played down suggestions that a massive explosion in was caused by a nuclear device   N Korea says it blew up mountain
  North Korea has given its first explanation for the huge blast. The foreign minister it was part of a hydro-electric project
Sep.13   N Korea allows blast site visit  A British diplomat is to be allowed to visit the site of an explosion that raised fears of a nuclear test

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Oct.18   US law promises help to N Koreans  President Bush has signed a law that offers support for human rights groups and for refugees leaving the secretive state Oct.25     Seoul finds holes in North border
  South Korea has put frontline troops on high alert after finding 2 holes cut in the wire along heavily fortified buffer zone

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Nov.1     ElBaradei issues N Korea warning
  The chief weapons inspector says North Korea is presenting a serious challenge to attempts to limit the nuclear weapons Nov.20     Bush urges unity against N. Korea nukes
  U.S. President met with a succession of Asian leaders in Santigao at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit

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