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Russians hunt southern attackers  Russian forces are pursuing rebels who killed 47 people in the southern republic of Ingushetia Chechen acting president survives blast  An explosion hit the motorcade of Sergei Abramov, killing one person and wounding three others Kremlin's Man Wins Vote  Alu Alkhanov, 47, won Chechnya presidential election but faces an uphill struggle to subdue a rebellion 7 dead in school attack  Armed attackers stormed a school in southern Russia and took at least 150 children, parents and teachers hostage Standoff school siege
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05-09 Bomb kills Chechen president Chechnya
C. 05-10 President of Chechnya buried Chechnya
D. 06-21 Troops repel Chechen offensive Chechnya
E. 06-22 Russians hunt southern attackers Chechnya
5. 07-13 Chechen acting president survives blast Chechnya
G. 08-29 Kremlin's Man Wins Vote Chechnya
7. 09-01 7 dead in school attack North Caucasus

  Putin 'to avenge' Chechen killing  Chechen Prime Minister Abramov has taken over as the new leader of the republic President of Chechnya buried  Akhmad Kadyrov has been buried in a traditional ceremony in his home villag Troops repel Chechen offensive
Blast kills exiled Chechen leader  Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, 48, leader linked to al Qaeda terror network has been killed in a car explosion Bomb kills Chechen president

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  Akhmad Kadyrov and at least 5 others died in an explosion at a stadium in the Chechen capital

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  After several hours of heavy fighting, interior ministry troops were able to repel rebel attempts to seize government buildings

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  A tense standoff between authorities and attackers who seized at least 100 hostages, possibly as many as 400
  'Breakdown' in siege negotiations  The negotiations broke down after militants turned off their telephones Sep.2     School siege: '26 freed'  Armed militants were holding more than 300 hostages for a second day   Blasts heard at school  2 loud explosions have jolted the area where hostage-takers have been holding 350 children, parents and teachers     Siege goes into third day  Hundreds of people, among them children, have spent a 2nd night as hostages of an armed gang Sep.3     '100 bodies' in siege school  Troops stormed the building in a bid to end a terrifying hostage crisis. Special forces were mopping up pockets of resistance     350 dead after troops storm school Map of Beslan North Ossetia Russia
  1,200 hostages might have been inside the Beslan school. Hundreds of people were injured
 On the 3rd day of the standoff, gunfire broke out between the hostage-takers and security forces. 186 children were among the killed. Chechen warlord Basayev took responsibility for the hostage taking, which was led by his Ingush deputy Yevloyev
Sep.4   Siege toll tops 350  In a nationally televised speech, President Putin denounced the massacre as 'an attack on our country' Sep.6   Suspect: We wanted to start a war  The man said the attack was ordered by Chechen rebel leader Maskhadov and Chechen warlord Basayev Sep.8   $10m reward for Chechen rebels  A military official said Moscow was prepared to strike at terrorists around the world Sep.16   Rebel Basayev claims Beslan siege
  Chechen warlord has claimed responsibility for the school siege, in which at least 320 hostages, many of them children, died

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