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06-22 Quartet resolute on Mideast peace Jordan
C. 06-22 Taj Mahal fends off developers India
D. 06-22 Iranian leader to go on trial France
E. 06-22 Grenade attack kills U.S. soldier Iraq
F. 06-22 Greece seizes explosives ship Greece
G. 06-22 Real clinch 29th Spanish title Bernabeu, Madrid
7. 06-22 US criticises Israel strike Jordan
8. 06-22 Pope urges forgiveness Bosnia
J. 06-22 Hong Kong beats SARS Hong Kong


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Morning News

Jun.22   Jordan   Quartet resolute on Mideast peace
  Representatives presented a united front in support of the road map for peace

  India Taj Mahal fends off developers  After widespread protests Culture Minister has halted a major construction scheme

  France Iranian leader to go on trial  Maryam Rajavi, the figurehead leader of the French-based Iranian opposition group is awaiting trial by an anti-terrorism court

  Iraq Grenade attack kills U.S. soldier  A soldier died in an attack on a convoy in Khan Azad, 12 miles south of Bagdad

Day News

  Greece   Greece seizes explosives ship
  Special forces boarded a ship loaded with 680 tonnes of explosives as it sailed through Greek territorial waters

  Madrid   Real clinch 29th Spanish title Map of Bernabeu Spain  Madrid won the league title after beating Athletic Bilbao 3-1 at the Bernabeu Stadium. Ronaldo repeats World Cup hairstyle

  Jordan     US criticises Israel strike  Powell has expressed concern about the Middle East peace process at a special session of the World Economic Forum

  Bosnia Pope urges forgiveness  John Paul II asked God's forgiveness for 'suffering and bloodshed' inflicted by his own Roman Catholics and others

  Hong Kong Hong Kong beats SARS  The WHO is set to declare Hong Kong free of SARS. There are still 28 in hospital

Evening News

  Beijing Indian PM seeks China ties boost  Vajpayee is on the start of a trip expected to usher in a new era of relationship between the two countries

  Canada SARS kills two more  A 55-year-old man and an 81-year-old woman were ill for a long time and died of complications from SARS

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