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War & Army Main Event: Liberian foes sign ce...
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06-17 Liberian foes sign ceasefire Liberia
C. 06-17 Taiwan SARS travel warning lifted Taiwan
D. 06-17 Blair accused over Iraq WMD threat England
4. 06-17 Blockade means war North Korea
5. 06-17 U.S. troops detain 371 in raids Iraq
G. 06-17 Beckham OKs transfer to Real Madrid Manchester, Northern England
H. 06-17 Child killed in ambush Israel
I. 06-17 No breakthrough in Abbas talks Gaza
9. 06-17 US troops fire on Iraqi protest Iraq


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Morning News

Jun.17   Liberia     Liberian foes sign ceasefire
  Government and rebels have signed a ceasefire, and now have 30 days to come up with a full peace agreement

  Taiwan     Taiwan SARS travel warning lifted
  Effective immediately, the WHO has lifted its advisory against travel to Taiwan

  England     Blair accused over Iraq WMD threat  A former minister has accused the government of using intelligence to justify a predetermined policy

  North Korea     Blockade means war  North Korea is warning that any U.S.-led blockade could spark a war that would engulf much of the surrounding region

  Iraq U.S. troops detain 371 in raids  A sniper killed a U.S. soldier in Baghdad

Day News

  Northern England   Beckham OKs transfer to Real Madrid Map of Manchester United Kingdom
  Soccer star was traded by Manchester United for a $41 million transfer fee. The deal would be finalized in July

  Israel     Child killed in ambush  An Israeli girl, aged 7, has been killed and another child and an adult wounded in a shooting attack

  Gaza     No breakthrough in Abbas talks  Meetings between Palestinian Prime Minister and representatives of factions to discuss a cease-fire with Israel broke up

Evening News

  Iraq     US troops fire on Iraqi protest  The troops have opened fire on a demonstration in Baghdad. One man was shot dead.

  Tehran Protests keep heat on Iran leaders  Thousands of motorists jammed the streets of Tehran, as clashes were reported elsewhere

  North Korea British call for N. Korea blockade  North Korea's state-run media said for the first time a nuclear program was in place

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